BigCommerce Designs and Development for Fashion industry - The Bald Head

The Bald Head Store, LLC

The bald head store is a unique and outstanding one stop online shop for bald individuals catering to their needs. The site features all the products that meet the needs of those who are proud to be bald and those who intend on staying that way. The site features products for the ?chrome domes? as well as the biker crowd as these products are desired by them for the same or both reasons. The goal of is to find the best quality, best value, and most desirable head gear as well as products and carry them on a single site. The store has been made with Yahoo! Store ? the professional ecommerce platform for small and medium scale businesses. With all the features that are usually found in an enterprise class web store, the website looks classy and markets appropriately to the target segment.


We recently had ioVista give our website a facelift. We started off with a generic, cookie cutter, Yahoo layout that looked common with many of the websites out there. But after working with ioVista, our site has the look and feel of an upscale site! Check it out for yourself! We gave them our general thoughts on the graphics and their graphics department took it to another level. Then, once the appearance was decided and a couple of email exchanges, and "Poof" the functional aspect of the site was done. Even after the site was "Done" and we needed some tweaks and changes, they responded quickly without trying to add additional charges. Initially, we were hesitant to do the facelift, but now, we love the look, and our sales have increased too. The facelift paid for itself!

- Mike Costello,