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alak Mitra Group of Companies (CMG) is a dynamic private equity firm lead by 7 young, energetic entrepreneurs. The already global and well-diversified CMG is well on its way to becoming a billion-dollar company. CMG has consistently achieved double digit returns for the investors.


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  • Challenge


    After a tragic incident in Waco, TX the hot situation people needed a trigger or cause to point to. After passing the blame back and forth, the client, Chalk Mitra Group of Companies, took some of the media’s burn. After a year major media outlets after much research came to the conclusion that CMG had nothing to do with the incident. Overtime people forget and the emotion fades, but Google never forgets. Because of the nature of Private Equity firms, they keep the parents company name out of the media to promote the brands they own. Now the media-less CMG has been strongly associated with negative media. They have little to no other media to support their image in these trying times. Our research found 201 negative links pulling up within the first 3 pages of Google for 45 relevant search terms. To clean up the tarnished online reputation of the company, we embarked on a Reputation management Project with the Chalak Mitra Group of Companies.

  • Solution


    After much review, we came up with a detailed and expansive strategy. After interviewing 7 partners, and collecting massive information about the company we embarked on a 6-month content heavy project. First we built out 8 blogs, one for each partner and one for the company’s brand. Every 2 weeks we wrote a custom post, posted, and search engine optimized 1 article for each partner and the company it self. We also released a high search volume worthy Press Release once a month. This means we did 17 content pieces a month, for 6 months, totaling 102 content pieces. We have done a lot more that what is listed, but we do not wish to give away our secret source. You will have to experience it to know the rest.


95% of all negative links are lower than the 5th page of Google, effectively lost forever. All the negative links have gone down significantly in rankings. Plus, now we can control the conversation as well. Search results yield blog posts we have made. These articles talk about the partner’s business advice to personal struggles to success and CMG’s charity minded efforts to support the community on a regular basis. This is the biggest thing, anyone who reads several links might read about the negative incident, but will also read about the good CMG has done. CMG’s reputation online has increased significantly.


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“ ioVista worked with us at a very challenging times in our career. They came up with a very good strategy to improve our reputation, by writing about our personal struggles as well as our success stories. ioVista help us start our personal blogs to share about not only our likes and dislikes, but share all community work we have been doing. This truly helped Chalak Mitra Group to push down all the bad press. I highly recommend ioVista for your reputation management. Great Job! ”

- Ron Parikh – Managing Partnerwww.chalakmitragroup.com

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