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CLE Contact Lens became Eye Care Universe. ECU is a fully authorized internet dealer that provides highest quality vision products for the lowest price possible. With over two decades of experience, orders are expediently shipped with no defects as a guarantee. Eye Care Universe is the number one source for your eye care needs online. ECU is a division of one of the largest eye care practices in the United States.


  • eCommerce Consulting
  • UI Design
  • Magento Development
  • SEO
  • Challenge


    The objective of this project was to migrate customer and order information from two legacy websites. One of the sites contained customer information from a 15-year period which included over 30,000 customer information and contact lens SKU data that was not formatted consistently. The second website linked some of the SKUs and customer information to the original site and also contained well as over 50,000 SKUs. The legacy sites were not as robust as Magento and therefore, the client’s reason was to capitalize on many of the features Magento has to offer. While the legacy sites did not have all the bells and whistles, customer retention was very consistent and this stemmed from a discount program found on both sites. The discount program consisted of customers receiving discounts on their orders and perpetually increase the discount until they reached 10% at which point as long as they continued ordering, the maximum discount would remain. Another contributing factor for customer retention was the ability to access order history which contained their prescription information; customers were able to hit a button and reorder without having to think about or look for their prescription information.

    The goal was to migrate data from both legacy websites to the new site while maintaining some of the features and discounts loyal customers had grown to love. And just as important the new site had to be very user friendly in both desktop and mobile views.

    The client also wanted to retain the SEO value that had been organically acquired through the years.

  • Solution


    To ensure customer retention remained at least at the normal rate, we had to map the data between both legacy websites and Magento and assure that order history remained intact despite the inconsistencies in the data. There were many validity checks performed to truly eliminate unnecessary information and retain useful customer order history. To retain the features which customers ranked highly, we implemented several extensions and customized some of the features. To facilitate customer’s shopping experience, we created filters for contact lenses for which none the best known companies have on their site including a try-on feature. The try-on was a module developed by ioVista which allowed customers to upload a photo of themselves and try on different glasses that used images of the front view of either a sunglasses or eyeglasses. In addition to a blog, a library was created to educate the consumer on the products, related medical information and how to use certain product.

    In the legacy websites, there were many discontinued products which contributed to SEO value. We migrated those products and implemented a “replaced by” feature; when a search is executed for a high ranking SEO product, the customer will land on the discontinued product page, but will get the replaced by product.


Customer response has been positive. The main comment received is both desktop and mobile sites are very user friendly. Customers are expanding their purchases not only on contact lenses, but also on other products such as sunglasses. The Try-On feature allows customers to purchase sunglasses or eyeglasses comfortably without having to step foot in a department store.

The information in the library has made it easier for the customer to make decisions on their purchase. Customer retention not only maintained, but improved. With the features Magento has to offer, the client has been able to promote his products very efficiently. SEO was not adversely affected instead it continues to grow as legacy customers continue to purchase products and refer family and friends.

The client has been able to add their products to other channels such as Amazon and eBay which has increased their revenue stream while maintaining inventory control through one platform.


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“While there were challenges from our end, ioVista worked diligently in meeting our deadlines. The website is very complex in nature, and had to do a great deal of customization. ioVista not only met expectations, but exceeded them. Our customers say the site is easy to navigate and is very pleasing to the eye. I would absolutely recommend ioVista to any one building a site. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy with the results.”

- Chris Kalian –

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