7 ways to get more sales this holiday season

01 Oct 2014
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
7 ways to get more sales this holiday season

Get ready for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas 2014

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll see from the auto-fill feature that people are already starting to search for deals – for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

So now is the time to prep your website and get ready because this holiday season is projected to be the biggest one yet, with online sales increasing to 16.6% overall.


Research shows:

  • 84% of shoppers will use the internet BEFORE and DURING their trip to a store
  • Shoppers who use the internet will convert to buyers at a 40% higher rate than non-web users
  • Mobile sales rose 43% in 2013 on Black Friday and are expected to rise even more this year.

There’s still time to get ready for the biggest shopping season yet and get more traffic and sales.

Here are 7 ways to help boost your website’s power to bring in more sales this holiday season:

 1. Banner Ads

People are already starting to search for holiday deals. Even if it’s too early to start promoting a special holiday sale or promotion, you could spread the word about new products, your great shipping policy or anything else that helps you stand out from your competition. Online traffic is only going to ramp up over the next few months. You’ll want people to remember you when it’s time to buy. Get your name out there early.

2. Google PLA, PPC and Retargeting Ads

SEO campaigns can take a while to get traction. If your store is low in the search rankings, the best way to show up at the top of Google searches right now is with paid advertising through:

  • PPC or Pay Per Click Adwords Ad – the text-based ads you’ll see at the top and side of a Google search
  • PLA or Product Listing Ads – the ads with product images and prices that will show up in a Google Search
  • Retargeting Ads – The product ads that will appear on other sites, based on what a customer has been searching for online

 3. Content updates – shipping policy, return policy

During the holidays, customers are buying for their friends and family – so they know there’s a possibility that someone will want to return what they bought. To be competitive, you might want to offer better shipping costs and create a more lenient return policy for the holiday season. If you and a competitor sell the same item, but you charge less for shipping or guarantee a hassle-free return, you’ll win the sale.

 4. Add a Featured Products section or a Gift Guide

If you don’t have a featured product section, consider adding one. Customers are looking for deals. If you have a promotion for specific products, you should show that off on your site.

Also, many big online retailers offer gift guides. Customers may know a friend likes your products but they might not be sure what to buy. Consider creating a list of products that would be ideal for various customers – “Gifts for Him” or “Gifts for Her” for example.

5. Check your site’s usability

Usability is a broad topic, covering many kinds of adjustments you could make to your site. But the bottom line is that your site needs to be very user-friendly. If customers get confused or can’t find what they’re looking for, all it takes is one click and they’re onto the next site.

Take a look at your own site or have an independent party do it – can people find what they’re looking for easily? Is the checkout process straightforward? Are your policies clear? The easier your site is to use, the more sales you’ll get.

6. Is your site “responsive” or mobile-ready

Mobile sales are only increasing right now – all year long and especially during the holidays. Having a site that works perfectly whether it’s accessed from a computer, smartphone or tablet isn’t just a novelty, it’s a necessity. When that 84 % of shoppers are browsing the web for an item you sell, you’ll want them to be able to find it and purchase it easily – whether they’re at home or in your competitor’s store comparing prices.

7. Photos and prices of all products

Whether you have a brick and mortar store or not, your customers are online and they’re comparison shopping. Make sure you’ve got photos of all your products or at least your best sellers and that your prices are clear and competitive.

ioVista can help you with any of the items mentioned in this article if they’re right for your business. Just give us a call at 214-699-4391 or email us at info@iovista.com.

Mike Patel
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