9 Ways to Get More Sales this Holiday Season

28 Sep 2015
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
9 Ways to Get More Sales this Holiday Season

As you know, the holidays will soon be upon us. But there’s still time to prepare your site and get your plan in place to make this the best holiday season yet. Today, we’re sharing a whole bunch of ideas to help you get started and get the most sales you can this holiday season.

1. Bump up your social media usage now and keep it up through the holidays
Every store out there is going to be fighting for attention so you need to compete. It’s important to try and share things your customers will find useful or entertaining. Social media can help humanize your business – be a business people enjoy following. Don’t just “post for the sake of posting.” But if you ramp up your presence, you can help shoppers remember you when it comes time for them to buy.

2. Review last year’s strategies
Take a look back at the sales and promotions you ran last year and use that knowledge to help you create this year’s plan. What worked? What could’ve worked better? What didn’t really work at all? Think about what you can improve upon or what you shouldn’t even bother with.

3. Reach out to existing customers early
Loyalty is so important, especially around the holidays. Consider an email campaign targeting customers who bought from you last year at the holidays or any time this year. Why not make them feel valued and special by sending them an exclusive coupon or deal of some kind?

4. Get your name out there early to attract new customers
This includes ramping up your social media, like we mentioned earlier. But this can also include your advertising. It’s a good idea to increase your paid advertising so you can capture early shoppers and also just increase your presence online. You can check out a recent article we wrote about that, here.

5. Analyze your inventory
Now’s the time to start stocking up on items you think will be best sellers. You definitely don’t want to run out – it’s not just bad for your sales, it’s a bad impression to make on customers. Also, consider items that could be good “add-ons” to purchases. For example, do you sell anything that comes with accessories? Do you sell items people might use for stocking stuffers? It’s important to remember the smaller items too.

6. Get a promotional schedule ready for important dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Staying organized will be key. Start planning out your promotions and get the emails and social media posts ready now. That way, when it’s busy, all you need to do is stick to your schedule and hit send or copy and paste a post.

7. Create gift guides
A lot of shoppers aren’t sure what they should buy and this is a huge opportunity for you to get sales. Come up with a few gift guides for women, men and kids or even a few price ranges to help people come up with some ideas. These guides can be sent out to your social networks, email lists and featured on your home page. Many major retailers as well as Amazon do this every year – you should to.

8. Think about add-on items to feature on your site
There are a few ways to do this. First, you could feature suggested items on individual product pages. For example, if someone goes to look at a pair of sunglasses, you can feature sunglass cases as a suggestion on that same page. Another idea could be to show a suggested item once someone adds an item to their cart. Once item A is added, you can setup your cart to suggest item B to go with it. You can also use this to help give customers gift ideas in your social media posts. If you need some help getting this setup, ioVista can help you.

9. Start Including a “thank you” coupon in every package shipped now
If you want to bring customers back during the holidays, why not give them a little extra incentive? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge discount – of course generosity helps, but the main idea is to get customers to remember you so they come back. You can also send out reminder emails closer to the holidays and offer them an e-coupon if they lost the original code.

Your store is unique. These ideas are meant to help you start thinking about some ways you can improve your sales in the coming months. If you need help getting your website ready or setting up your paid campaigns, ioVista can help. Just give us a call or send us an email and we can help you make sure your store is ready for the increase in traffic and sales.

Mike Patel
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