Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 Release

13 Mar 2023
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 Release

Adobe has released an update for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source that brings many new features, enhancements, and updates to make the platform more secure and stable. It features over 300 fixes and performance and scalability enhancements.

Here are some highlights about Adobe Commerce 2.4.6

PHP 8.2

An important feature of the Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 release is the introduction of support for PHP 8.2. While PHP 8.1 remains fully supported, PHP 7.4 support has officially been removed, and Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 cannot run on PHP 7.4.

Composer 2.2.x

Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 now supports Composer 2.2.x., with Composer 1.x being removed. Redis 7.0.x is also supported, with Redis 6.2 remaining until its end of life in 2024. OpenSearch is now supported as the default search engine for Adobe Commerce on-premises and cloud deployments and is supported as an independent search engine for Magento Open Source.


There are many performance and scalability enhancements with the release of Adobe Commerce 2.4.6. Some of which include New REST API endpoint to import data with high performance (up to 100,000 records per minute), improved order processing for Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 on cloud infrastructure customers, and more!

Adobe Commerce Extension Metapackage

This release also introduces the Adobe Commerce Extension metapackage v1.1.0, which automatically bundles select Adobe Commerce extensions. Included in this are two extensions: Bolt Quick Checkout and Adobe I/O Events.


The B2B module keeps getting better and better for Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 with multiple bug fixes and great new features like:

  • The title of the SKU field of the Quick Order page has changed for clarity.
  • On the Quick Order page in mobile mode, pressing Enter after entering a valid product name or SKU now takes the shopper to the next field.

The Purchase Orders for Companies feature is now fully exposed by the GraphQL API. This release introduces two GraphQL schemas:

  • Purchase Order GraphQL schema covers B2B company user Purchase Order Management functionality such as creating, editing, and deleting purchase orders.
  • Purchase Order Rule GraphQL schema allows the creation, editing, and deleting of approval rules and manually validating purchase orders.

Connect with ioVista’s team of Adobe-certified developers

With all these performance improvements and bug fixes, Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce 2.4.6 should be your go-to B2B and B2C eCommerce platform. Upgrade to 2.4.6 for better customer experience and increased sales. Connect with Adobe-certified developers at ioVista to learn more.

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