Adobe Offers New Magento Integrations For Amazon Sales and Google Shopping Ads

21 May 2019
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Adobe Offers New Magento Integrations For Amazon Sales and Google Shopping Ads

The ecommerce industry is flourishing apace with more individuals preferring online shopping to other channels. To help online business owners leverage the growing interest of users in online shopping, Adobe announced Magento new features and innovations at Imagine 2019, Wynn Las Vegas.

Adobe aims to open up new markets and opportunities for SMBs (Small and Mid-size Businesses) through these updates to Magento Commerce. The new features will empower companies of all sizes to make their brand interaction personal and offer shoppable experience.

The most important of them all that will give businesses every opportunity to compete, reach, and convert customers is Magento’s integration with Amazon Sales and Google Shopping Ads.

The Amazon sales integration will enable merchants to manage the inventory on Amazon from their Magento backend. From setting pricing rules for the Amazon Sales Channel to managing various Amazon brands, Amazon accounts, getting access to Amazon’s product data and more. Magento users can use all features through a free extension available in the Magento Marketplace.

Magento’s native integration with Google Shopping ads (available through a free extension) will allow Magento store admins to manage Google shopping ads from the Magento dashboard. They can also manage the Google marketing campaigns and maintain their Google Merchant Center accounts right from Magento.

The integration with Google Shopping ads channel will help merchants to use the already familiar tools for expanding their reach on new platforms.

Adobe also announced that the PWA (Progressive Web Application) Studio, which enables Magento developers to build app-like online stores will now support PayPal’s Braintree as a payment option.

And Magento doesn’t stop here, it is opening up integrations with many powerful tools in Adobe Experience Cloud including the Adobe Analytics’ enterprise-grade capabilities to better understand shopping behavior of users.

The advanced commerce capabilities of Magento will cater to the needs of global B2B and B2C companies to support multiple brand websites and deliver seamless commerce experience.

Mike Patel
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