BigCommerce Strengthens it’s hold in B2B eCommerce Landscape: Acquires Bundle B2B

27 Apr 2022
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
BigCommerce Strengthens it’s hold in B2B eCommerce Landscape: Acquires Bundle B2B

BigCommerce, the leading Open SaaS eCommerce platform recently announced the acquisition of BundleB2B. Being the longtime B2B technology partner of BigCommerce, Bundle B2B has been powering the platform’s B2B Edition.

This acquisition will provide next-level B2B functionality and is a significant step forward in BigCommerce’s commitment to serving its B2B merchants.

The deal follows BigCommerce’s acquisition of B2B Ninja in February 2022. Quote Ninja, Inc.’s dba B2B Ninja is a premier enterprise quoting solution that empowers merchants of all sizes with B2B eCommerce capabilities.

The global B2B eCommerce market growing at more than 18% annually is estimated to cross $25 trillion by 2028. And, BigCommerce is investing even more in B2B Edition by bringing the BundleB2B team in-house and scaling up Product and Engineering efforts on B2B.

“Consumer brands may have pioneered eCommerce, but B2B companies are quickly catching up,” said Brent Bellm, CEO of BigCommerce. “At BigCommerce, we provide a platform that is easier to use and faster than legacy B2B solutions and more flexible and powerful than other SaaS platforms. This acquisition further cements our commitment to being the best ecommerce option for B2B merchants.”

With the acquisition of BundleB2B, BigCommerce is empowering merchants with the tools to offer an optimal eCommerce experience to B2B buyers. BundleB2B powers the existing enterprise-focused capabilities of BigCommerce with advanced, easily configurable B2B functionality that not only saves time but also automates manual processes and shortens the sales cycles, The B2B capabilities include:

Account Management – multiple tiers of buyers, role-based permissions

Order Tools – shared shopping lists, buy again functionality

Quote Management – shoppers can request a quote directly from merchant’s storefront

Sales Rep Masquerade – enables the sales team to assist customers

BundleB2B will be more deeply integrated with BigCommerce and there are no changes required for any merchants on B2B Edition or with BundleB2B. This won’t affect merchants’ accounts or contracts. The merchants will also continue to receive all the B2B Edition benefits.

Bundle B2B has expanded existing features of BigCommerce and streamlined onboarding, support and contract services into one all-inclusive bundle with a single point of contact. BigCommerce will continue to provide merchants with better online operations that help them offer seamless transactions and convenient self-service account capabilities.

ioVista is a certified BigCommerce Partner with a strong track record of success for BigCommerce merchants. From brand and marketing strategy to site design and functionality, you can trust our BigCommerce certified team to develop solutions that align with your business goals.

Mike Patel
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