BigCommerce For WordPress Gets Major Update And Feature Enhancements

09 Jul 2019
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
BigCommerce For WordPress Gets Major Update And Feature Enhancements

BigCommerce recently released the BigCommerce for WordPress 3.2.0 at 2019 WordCamp Europe.

The update offers many significant features and enhancements to the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin, launched in December 2018. The new features also include the ability to create multi-region shopping experiences on multiple WordPress sites.

BigCommerce for WordPress empowers merchants using WordPress for their online stores to have access to more sophisticated ecommerce technology. It allows the merchants to scale their online business without sacrificing the things already built on WordPress.

Merchants were able to link a single BigCommerce store to various WordPress instances through the previous version of the plugin. However, the new BigCommerce for WordPress 3.2.0 enables merchants to offer multiple regional forms of their product catalog via a single WordPress site.

Also, the new multi-site functionality of BigCommerce for WordPress 3.2.0 will allow merchants will to make a range of complex experiences available for their customers, including:

• Multi-Region Capabilities– The inclusion of multi-region capabilities enables merchants to extend their global footprint. It provides them with the ability to tailor product merchandising for the regions where they sell their products. Not only this, but it also allows them to translate the product details into local languages and display product prices in the local currency.

• B2B Specific Experiences – Merchants can accommodate state-of-the-art experiences especially for B2B with the new plugin features. It also allows merchants to have different sites for wholesale, retail, and a “vendor portal” for customized product catalog and separate price list for each vendor.

• Content-First Product Pages – The BigCommerce for WordPress 3.2.0 comes with the ability to edit core product details – title, image, description, SKU, price, and add to cart button right from the product detail page. Merchants can place them anywhere through shortcodes or via the Gutenberg editor in pages or posts.

The latest update by BigCommerce is really helpful for small business owners having an already existing site in WordPress and want to add some Ecommerce elements to their business.

If you are also looking for an Ecommerce or digital agency to upgrade your existing website or platform, contact us now to take the experience of your online business to the next level.

Mike Patel
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