BigCommerce Releases StagingPro for Enterprise Merchants and Agency Developers

15 Dec 2022
Albert Wood
Albert Wood
BigCommerce Releases StagingPro for Enterprise Merchants and Agency Developers

BigCommerce, the leading Open SaaS eCommerce platform for B2C and B2B brands, recently announced a tech integration with StagingPro. 

Highly-automated staging environment, StagingPro enables merchants and developers to develop and deploy multiple stores from a single dashboard while minimizing the deployment risks and disruptions.

It’s a comprehensive staging and deployment suite that offers enterprises and agency developers a near-production level environment to test and deploy code to a BigCommerce store.

“Enterprise merchants with complex implementations have a greater need for a true staging environment that is fast, collaborative and secure to meet the needs of developer teams to drive faster development-to-market cycles without risking the live production site,” said Russell Klein, chief commercial officer at BigCommerce. “StagingPro is an enterprise-built solution that delivers the flexibility and scalability that is dedicated to empowering teams with the freedom to innovate and removes the ceiling from what’s possible.”

StagingPro provides an easy-to-use staging environment to create multiple replica sandbox stores without the need to reproduce or duplicate work onto a production store. With StagingPro, one can experience:

Better Time-to-Market – Run multiple projects at once and save time with faster development and deployment. You get real-time automated push, pull, change or error notifications which help improve collaboration, transparency and teamwork.

Secure and Risk-Free Environment Replicas – Create staging websites as a true replica with the same data as a production environment, ensuring risk-free live deployments.

Seamless Integration with Teams, Tools and Workflows – Integrate seamlessly with Github, Atlassian Jira and Microsoft to meet the growing requirements of design, development and marketing. 

StagingPro is compatible with Multi-Storefront (multiple storefronts management within a single BigCommerce store) and allows merchants to switch within storefronts and migrate data between trusted environments.

Learn more here about StagingPro with ioVista, certified BigCommerce partner, and get started today.


Albert Wood
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Albert Wood is an accomplished eCommerce Business Analyst. As a technology futurist and sales motivator at ioVista, Albert is dedicated to transforming struggling eCommerce businesses into thriving enterprises. With a keen focus on client’s business processes, user experience (UX), and leveraging the power of digital marketing, he helps businesses optimize their online presence and drive sustainable growth. Albert’s passion is for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), immersing himself in unforgettable experiences and exploring the limitless possibilities they offer. His enthusiasm for these emerging technologies fuels his drive to push the boundaries of innovation in eCommerce.

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