Google Planning Possible “BUY NOW” Button in Paid Search Results:

03 Jun 2015
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Google Planning Possible “BUY NOW” Button in Paid Search Results:

In an effort to compete with Amazon, the Wall Street Journal and 9 to 5 Google are reporting that Google is working on adding a “BUY NOW” button to its paid search results on mobile devices.

This is an effort to encourage more people to begin their shopping searches right from Google rather than going straight to Amazon. Recent research shows that 39% of people in the US began their shopping searches at Amazon while only 11% began a shopping search on Google or other search engines.

So if Google manages to shift that trend, more shoppers will be looking to Google to help them find the items they’re looking for. If this tactic works, this would be a huge benefit to online retailers – especially those taking advantage of paid search and the “BUY NOW” button. Anyone ranking high in organic search, could benefit from the increase in shopping searches as well.

Reportedly, this new Buy Now button would be added to paid product ads that would show up in mobile search results. If someone clicks the button, they would be directed to a checkout page that’s run by Google. They could pick colors and sizes, shipping and other details like that. The products would still be sold by the retailer but Google would administer the purchase process.

Right now, it’s not known when this new button will launch but it’s reported that Google is planning a roll out to a small percentage of users with Macy’s when they do launch.

We will let you know when we learn anything new and when this new feature becomes available.

For more information, you can find other articles about Google’s planned Buy Now button here:

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