Google Trusted Stores Program Now Available to ALL Yahoo Merchant Solutions Retailers

27 Jul 2015
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Google Trusted Stores Program Now Available to ALL Yahoo Merchant Solutions Retailers

Yahoo just announced great news for their Yahoo Merchant Solutions customers.

They’ve just worked out a deal with Google to bring the Google Trusted Stores program to all Yahoo Merchant customers.

Google Trusted Stores is a badge or an icon that tells customers you provide great service. Google doesn’t just give this badge away; it’s something retailers need to apply and qualify for. It’s granted to stores that provide great service, based on things like shipping speed and consistently great reviews.

This badge doesn’t cost a dime but you will have to agree to share some of your store’s data with Google so they can continue to make sure your site qualifies. Once Google determines that your store meets the standards, then the badge will appear on your site or in your Google Product Listing Ads.

Because this badge isn’t just given out to every store, it’s definitely a way to help your store standout online. It’s also a way to help earn new customers’ trust. This badge is just like an endorsement from Google telling your customers that you’re a good shop to buy from.

If you are a Yahoo Merchant Solutions Customer and are interested in becoming a Google Trusted Store, first you need to register for a Google Trusted Stores ID, here. Next, you’ll use this ID to complete the required steps in the Merchant Solutions Control Panel to activate this feature on your store.

For more information on Google Trusted Stores, or for help getting this feature set up on your Yahoo site, email or give ioVista a call. We’re happy to help you take advantage of this great new offering from Yahoo.


Mike Patel
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