How Effective Is E-Commerce With A Personalized Touch?

13 Mar 2017
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
How Effective Is E-Commerce With A Personalized Touch?

personalized touch

Considering the user experience one gets in Brick and Mortar Stores, E-Commerce stores have a lot to learn and implement. Keeping in mind the fact that your customer will definitely return if he is satisfied with the shopping experience apart from the product he has bought, there is surely something extra which you can grab from those experiences of Brick & Mortar stores. In order to give a similar or better shopping experience, here are some tips which you can implement in your Online Stores.

Who won’t love to be WELCOMED WARMLY!

welcomed with warmth and loveWe feel delighted when we are welcomed with warmth and love in a store. Similarly, you can put some really warming personalized greeting messages once a user login into your store. You can also put some personalized messages based on the information s/he has provided (For e.g. if the user in from the USA, you can put some personalized message for the upcoming Halloween).

Who won’t love RECOGNIZATION?

Implement systems that remember your customers. Remember their details on the storefront so they don’t have to enter them every time they shop. Recall their name, contact information, shipping address and billing address.

  • 41% of shoppers said they would want to be identified by their Smartphones when shopping from brick & mortar stores.
  • 61% of global respondents said they would welcome the idea of online stores keeping track of their browsing and purchasing histories to speed up shopping purchases.

What if someone listens to your WISHES?

Allow your customers to add items to their Wishlist even if it is out of stock.  You can remind them about their availability through emails. It gives a feeling that they care about your wishes. You may prompt them for offers on Wishlist.

How about seeing recommendations based on your choice?

personalized touch

When you keep track of purchase history or Wishlist of your customers, it becomes easy to recommend them to similar products. Your customers will feel a WOW experience if they see things very similar to their taste.

Won’t you feel special if you see a timely response to your queries or shopping-related queries you raised?

It does feel overwhelming to see the timely response of queries you have sent to the store owner. It makes feeling that you are a valued customer and they care about your experience. So make sure your responses are timely.

Greeting card with additional offers on Special days? WOW!

It takes you to cloud nine when you see some special offers given to you along with warm greetings from your online store on special occasions like Birthdays and Anniversary. Make your customers feel special on their special days by sending personalized greeting cards via emails along with some special offers.

Mike Patel
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