How To Build Your Ecommerce Brand

24 May 2019
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
How To Build Your Ecommerce Brand

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an Ecommerce veteran, branding is very important for the longevity of your business.

Branding means recognition, customer loyalty and growth.

But it’s not always the easiest thing to figure out, especially when the day-to-day details of running your business usually get the lion’s share of your focus. We’re going to talk about some ways to grow your brand and keep it on track.

First and foremost, you need to define your brand.

You know your business – you know what you sell and who your customers are. Maybe you’ve been running your store for years now and you’ve already got a solid idea of what your brand is. But if you want to grow it, it’s a good exercise to stop and think about what makes your business special or unique.

How is your approach different or better? Even if you sell the same thing as a hundred other stores, there’s something that makes your store special. It could be your customer service, the value you provide, the products, your packaging, your suppliers, your commitment to a cause – it could be any number of things. Your brand is your company’s identity and personality. It’s what your business becomes in the minds of your customers.

Finding your identity isn’t always easy. But once you have a solid idea of what your store is about, you can start using that as the base of your brand to build from.

In everything you do, it’s important to keep that core idea about your brand in mind. Because…

Consistency is the key.

You need a consistent, recognizable look.

Your site’s colors, your packing labels, your logo, your business cards, your social media profiles – everything needs to have a consistent look and style online and off. As customers become repeat customers, you want them always to recognize your store and your packaging instantly. If you’re inconsistent, it can make you look unprofessional. It can also cause confusion. With branding, it’s about being consistent with the impression you make, wherever you make it. Once you make a great first impression, you want repeat customers to have that same feeling every time they return.

Your need a consistent message too.

Your sales and promotions will change. Your products might even change over time but all of your messaging needs to be consistent. Everything from your return policy to your email marketing to your website copy should all have a consistent tone and message. Is your brand serious, silly, fun, practical or smart? Think about what you sell, who your customers are and what kind of brand will resonate with them the most. However for this to be truly successful, you need to be true to yourself.

Branding focuses on your relationship with customers ahead of profits.

Your brand extends beyond the products you sell in the minds of your customers. Your brand is what gets their emotional response and their loyalty. That’s why sometimes you’ll have to make decisions that focus on your long-term branding success before short-term profits. This goes along with the value of consistency. If you betray your brand by getting cheaper packaging or changing a policy for profit or in any number of ways, you’ll weaken your brand and your relationship with those customers.

Of course you need to keep your business running and profits are essential. But in every decision you make, you should always consider your brand. This can only help you in the long-term.

Be Authentic.

A lot of companies fall into a trap of pretending to be something they’re not. It will be a thousand times easier to be consistent if you can rely on your own intuition rather than constantly thinking about what your competition would do. You can’t win every customer but you can win the respect of YOUR customers by remaining the brand they know, love and trust.

Now, it’s ok to look at competitors and see how they use their brand on their sites or in their marketing. There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration and of course, staying on top of your competition. But it’s extremely important to make your brand YOURS.

Branding is a very big topic. Today, we wanted to help you start thinking about ways you can define and build your brand. A lot of what we wrote about involved consistency on our website. Look below for some questions to consider for your store right now.

Be Patient.

Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can be frustrating and it can sometimes feel like your efforts aren’t paying off. This is especially true when you make decisions that put branding ahead of quick profits. This might happen in a situation where you realize you need to spend a little more to be true to your brand or where you have to say no to an opportunity that would make profits but it isn’t consistent with your brand. As a business owner, you’re smart to be cautious and look for ways to grow your revenue. But if you want long-term growth and loyalty, it’s vital to your business that you never betray your brand.

Branding is a very big topic. Today, we wanted to help you start thinking about ways you can define and build your brand. A lot of what we wrote about involved consistency on our website. Look below for some questions to consider for your store right now.

Some questions to consider:

  • Does your logo reflect the kind of store you are?
  • Does your website’s style match your brand?
  • Does your email marketing match your website’s style?
  • Do you have your logo everywhere it could be?
  • Does your website copy reflect your brand?
  • Are your social media sites consistent with your brand?
  • How much direct traffic does your website get? This is an indicator of brand strength.

If you’re considering re-branding or updating the way you present your brand online, ioVista can help you get started. Our experts know what it takes to weave your brand throughout your site and even through your social media profiles, email marketing and other digital marketing activities. If you’d like a branding consultation, please call or email us today.

Mike Patel
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