How to Generate More Google Ads Leads with the Same Ad Spend

18 Feb 2021
Albert Wood
Albert Wood
How to Generate More Google Ads Leads with the Same Ad Spend

As one of the most visited websites on the Internet, Google offers an opportunity for your business to be seen by millions of people each day through advertisements. Strategic planning of these ads can generate strong, effective leads to grow your website traffic even further. These nine amazing tips will help to ensure that you get the most out of your effort and marketing. 

1) Keywords Selection

Make sure that your keywords are as relevant to your products as possible. They require specific words and phrases that match up as precisely as possible with the search terms you expect your customers to use. This directly relates to your Quality Score. Improving this score saves you money and enables Google to give you better positioning.

2) Keyword Match Type

Keeping an eye on the keyword’s status will win half of the battle for you! If your keyword status has a “below average” score, it is too broad. For example, a consumer looking for turtleneck sweaters types that exact phrase, “turtleneck sweater,” in the search bar. If your ad keywords are “winter clothing,” you miss this opportunity to reach a new person. However, if you specialize the ad to use the phrase this consumer is specifically looking for, “turtleneck sweater,” you reach them easily and increase your chances of making the sale.

If you get stuck and need help, the team at ioVista can help you research keywords, find bid estimates, and create an advertising plan that fits your needs.

3) Define your Campaign Goals and Objectives

You need a custom-built campaign to reach the right set of audience and for your leads to be effective. Once you select the medium of ad –text or video, create a goal: what you want to achieve with this ad. Do you want brand visibility or want your visitors to make a purchase after viewing?

4) Audience & Device Targeting

Carefully consider how your audience will access your landing page. According to research, Mobile is the dominant platform for searches with 48% of buyers using a smartphone to start searching with a search engine. With around 50% of your target audience using mobile devices instead of desktops when shopping online, your advertisement should work well on both mobile as well as desktop.

One of the best ways to do this is expanded text ads, they give you the option to have a third headline, two description fields and most importantly, two path fields, which help utilize your keywords at the end of your existing website URL.

5) Optimize your Landing Page

Also, make sure that your landing page correlates with the content of your ad. The page that your audience ends up on should remind them of the reason they clicked in the first place. Essentially, your ad drew their attention, but you must now keep their interest. Make sure to clearly provide the information they need for this interaction on the page, and have avenues of contact readily available. Make the process of obtaining your service as simple and transparent as possible to generate leads.

6) Make Ad Copy Clear and Concise

Once you decide what action you want your leads to take, tell them directly in the ad what they should be doing. Provide a verb statement, like “Buy Here” or “Click to Sign Up,” that is short, clear and instructive. Your text must be similarly obvious–what, specifically, do you offer? 

7) Add Value Proposition

Your products or services stand out from your competitors, but what makes them so special? If your customers can buy black sundresses from multiple places, but you make yours in an eco-friendly way, let them know.

8) Multiple Ad Copies

Remember to keep your advertisements new and exciting. The same ad for weeks in a row proves less likely to interact. Make sure you rotate out the ads you use every once in a while and try to run multiple at the same time so that your leads experience variety.

9) Phone Call Ads

Phone call ads make it easy for prospective customers to get in touch with you. These ads are built with a simple purpose: to encourage your prospects to call you. When users click a call-only ad, a pop-up window prompts them to place a call and they are just two clicks away from the phone call with you. Isn’t it the best way to get effective leads for your business?

Bottom Line – Google Ads prove to be one of the most helpful tools in your arsenal when used efficiently. Keep your keywords specific and relevant to your content, think about the audience you most want to reach and select your words with care to generate the best leads for your business.

Albert Wood
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Albert Wood is an accomplished eCommerce Business Analyst. As a technology futurist and sales motivator at ioVista, Albert is dedicated to transforming struggling eCommerce businesses into thriving enterprises. With a keen focus on client’s business processes, user experience (UX), and leveraging the power of digital marketing, he helps businesses optimize their online presence and drive sustainable growth. Albert’s passion is for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), immersing himself in unforgettable experiences and exploring the limitless possibilities they offer. His enthusiasm for these emerging technologies fuels his drive to push the boundaries of innovation in eCommerce.

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