Make Your E-commerce Store Easter Ready – Easy To Implement Strategies For Boosting Sales

10 Apr 2020
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Make Your E-commerce Store Easter Ready – Easy To Implement Strategies For Boosting Sales

Many consumers eagerly await sales during the Easter weekend their Easter shopping. As a shop owner, Easter sales are a great way to maximize your revenue and gain new clients.

As a trend from the last few years, a substantial group of Easter shoppers (over 40%) prefers online shopping to avoid crowds, hunt for bargains and gain general overall convenience. Marketplace projections like Statista project over US$18 billion for Easter sales; since these projections did not factor in Social Distancing stay-at-home orders, sales are likely to be higher.

As an e-commerce store owner, what can you do to better prepare your online store? Read on below for some sound strategies for boosting sales.

Provide Information

Be sure to stay in touch with your current customers via text or email. These days, digital communications are getting people through the pandemic, so you never know how many new customers will be forwarded your email. Communicate your Easter offerings by sending festive spring-inspired emails to let everyone know your online store is open for the egg-stravaganza. People love Easter, so be sure that your emails include both an Easter subject line and an Easter theme.

Use Incentives

Online shoppers love exclusive incentives, so think of out-of-the-box ways to encourage purchases. Offer promotions on specific items or choose one doorbuster loss leader product to attract customers to your e-commerce store. For new customers, be sure to get their email address and offer a one-time discount for being new to the site. Perhaps you can offer a free download of ways to celebrate Easter. Since time is short, use your social media as a platform. It is a quick way to communicate with thousands of people.

Most social media campaigns can be done with minimal effort. Many e-commerce sites do the classic social media giveaway. Followers name a friend or family member who they want to send a prize to. It is fun and usually will bring your store new customers.

You can even have a contest to encourage likes, shares or Tweets. Have customers guess the weight of a chocolate bunny or Easter basket, or have them guess where a certain Easter photo was taken. All of these are fun, exciting ways to gain customer interest and promote current customers to advertise your wares to all their friends and family.

Just remember that your competition is also incentivizing, so the pressure to do something really creative is higher. Do something original, think about your customers and their primary needs, and promote your discount well.

A great strategy is creating a sense of purchasing urgency. The week of Easter, offer “today only” promotions or expedited shipping options.

Be Innovative

Everyone loves Easter with its chicks and bunnies and eggs, so be creative and have a great Easter theme. You could post pictures of the best bunny ear costumes or the best Easter baskets. Create a landing page specific to your Easter product line and be sure to tag and organize all your products as related to Easter to make them easy for customers to find and of course purchase.

Try holding Easter games or post Easter artwork for kids to do, or perhaps even Easter craft projects easily made during stay-at-home times. You could even have an Easter egg hunt right on your e-commerce site. Simply hide an egg somewhere, provide clues and have people find it. When they do, offer a discount or doorbuster item. For example, one site hid gold, silver and bronze eggs; when someone finds them, they could be rewarded with a free product, half-off discount or 30 percent discount, respectively.

Today more than ever before, customers are craving engagement.  So try these innovative, smart ways to get new people to browse your store.

Easter is a great time to upsell, particularly now while many around the world are forced to stay at home, and there are several ways to do it. Create Easter bundles of products that will greatly appeal to customers because of the creativity and convenience. Offer already done Easter baskets, or bundles of gardening items or home decorative items like candles and kitchen towels. Offer gift cards, gift wrap services or expedited shipping to third-parties.

The Easter Effect

Retail and e-commerce businesses well know the Easter effect. In April, online sales typically increase by 10 percent or more all because of Easter. In the US and Europe for example, consumers typically have four to five days off around Easter.

Easter is presenting a major sales opportunity that you won’t want to miss.

Mike Patel
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