Questions You Should Ask Your Magento Agency

17 Feb 2023
Albert Wood
Albert Wood
Questions You Should Ask Your Magento Agency

Having a Magento development agency on your side is beneficial. They help ensure that your eCommerce store operates as efficiently as possible. Magento is powerful; however, you can only realize its full potential when it’s well-implemented and maintained.

Searching for the right Magento agency is no easy task. With so many agencies, it can be difficult to know which is the right fit for your project. However, by asking the right questions, you can make the best choice for your business. Below are some questions you should ask your Magento agency before signing on the dotted line.

What Experience Do You Have?

Choose an agency that has sufficient experience working with Magento. Doing so will ensure they have the necessary skills to deliver the best results.

Make sure to ask for specifics about their experience. For example, you can ask about the type of projects they have handled to see if they could be a good match for your specific case. An experienced agency will provide you with the best advice and strategies. That can help you optimize your eCommerce store.

Do You Hold a Magento Certification?

Magento certification provides several benefits. For one, it ensures that the agency is qualified to carry out the project. It also shows that the agency thoroughly understands the Magento platform.

Go for an agency that is up to date on the latest best practices for developing and maintaining a store. Certification assures you that a Magento agency is staying current with new developments.

You can rest easy when you hire Magento developers with the proper certification. The work they do will be of the highest standard.

Are You a Magento Partner?

Your Magento development agency may be a Magento solution partner in addition to having certification. As per Magento, there are three classes of web developers. They are

  • Solution partners
  • Technology partners
  • Community insiders

An Adobe Solution Partner is a provider dealing with web development for eCommerce firms. Such a provider can offer you a wide range of solutions to boost your business. They will help with all the aspects of website building bearing in mind a digital strategy so that your website doesn’t get lost in the sea of eCommerce businesses. And if your company grows over time, you don’t have to worry. They will prepare your site to be easily scalable.

Technology partners will provide your website with extensions or third-party integrations to make your day-to-day easier. These features could be related to check-out, community management, shipping, or other parts of your business.

Community Insiders have yet to be partners, but they are small businesses starting out that have access to tools that might be useful to you and the development of your website. These businesses need at least one certified Adobe Commerce web developer to join the Adobe Solution Partners community. So you can rest assured that you’re dealing with qualified professionals.

How Do You Approach Designing and Building Magento Websites?

Before you hire Magento developers, ask about their designing and building process. A good agency should have a well-structured process. It should cover the entire project from planning to delivery.

Here are some of the key stages a quality agency should be working through

  • Discovery (identifying goals, target audience, and user experience)
  • Architecture and design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch

What Is Your Process for Testing and Quality Assurance?

Testing and quality assurance are crucial steps in any project. Testing plays a vital role in the development process. Ensure you understand what types of testing the Magento agency conducts. Also, ask about the tools and technologies they use when performing the tests.

Quality assurance helps ensure that a website gets built correctly and to your specifications. Ask about the agency’s process for quality assurance during the development project.

How Will You Ensure Project Security?

You must ensure that your development agency can provide a secure environment for your project.

Ask the Magento agency about the steps they take to ensure project security. What kind of measures do they have in place to protect customer data? What authentication measures do they use to prevent unauthorized access to the project?

Also, ask about the agency’s measures to protect the project from malicious attacks. Project security should be a priority for your Magento development agency.

What Is Your Estimated Timeline for Completion?

The answer usually depends on the scope of your project. Ensure the timeline they provide is realistic and achievable.

Your development agency should be able to break down the timeline into milestones. They can outline what tasks will get completed and when. The milestones help you know when you should expect to see progress on your project.

Do You Have Any Completed Projects To Use as a Reference?

Taking a look at past projects of a development agency is vital. It can provide invaluable insight into their capabilities. It can also let you know the type of results you can expect.

When looking at a Magento agency’s completed projects, there are a few key factors to consider. One factor is the quality of work. Assess whether the project is of high quality and has visual appeal. Also, consider the following:

  • The outcomes of the project
  • Whether the website is easy to navigate
  • The agency’s responsiveness to customer issues and inquiries

What Are Your Rates?

When choosing a development agency, you must understand the costs associated with their services. Knowing the rates can help you make an informed decision when selecting a partner.

Also, ask about the services included in the rates they charge. Different agencies offer different billing options. Some offer flat-rate packages, while others prefer to bill hourly. Ask potential agencies what their preferred billing method is.

What Is Your Maintenance and Support Policy?

Once the project is completed, the Magento agency should provide maintenance and support. Ask the agency about its maintenance and support policy. The policy may outline things such as:

  • How much the agency charges for maintenance and support
  • When they are available for support
  • The type of maintenance and support provided
  • Any guarantees they offer


How Do You Handle Communication With Customers?

Communication is key when it comes to providing support and services to customers. Your Magento development agency should have a well-defined process for customer communication.

Find out what type of customer communication channels the agency offers. They will determine how quickly and easily you can get in touch with them. Examples include email, phone, or even a dedicated customer service portal.

It is also important to understand how the agency handles customer inquiries. Does the Magento agency respond to inquiries promptly?

Do they offer customer support outside of regular business hours? Are there any additional fees for customer service inquiries?

What Kind of Training Do You Offer Clients for Using Magento?

Magento can be a powerful but complex platform. Your agency should be able to provide training to help you understand how to use it effectively. Most Magento agencies will offer various training options for clients to choose from.

These training sessions will provide an overview of the platform. They may also offer more in-depth instructions on how to use Magento’s features and tools. This can be especially helpful for those who are new to eCommerce.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a Magento development agency to work with is an important decision. You want to ensure that you work with a team with the right expertise. Such a provider can help you create a successful eCommerce website. Ask your Magento agency the questions above to ensure they are the perfect fit for your business.

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