Reasons why you should migrate to the Magento Platform

14 Jan 2015
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Reasons why you should migrate to the Magento Platform

Discover the biggest benefits of using the Magento platform for your eCommerce site

If you have an eCommerce site or are planning on starting one, odds are you’ve heard of Magento, and with good reason. Magento is by far, the most popular eCommerce platform with more than 240,000 sites using it for their online stores.

But you may be wondering why Magento is considered one of the best platforms available and why you should consider it for your online store.

First and foremost, one of the biggest benefits of using the Magento platform is that it is open-source. That means…

Magento is extremely flexible, customizable and feature-rich

Since Magento is open-source, meaning that you get full access to all of the code, you can customize your website in almost any way you can imagine. You won’t be stuck with a finite list of templates or themes or shopping cart options. You are able to take any theme or option and tweak it to your liking.

With most platforms, you aren’t given access to the source code so you may get a lot of options, but you only get the options that platform makes available – and you aren’t able to change them as you please. With Magento, you get to create whatever features you want as long as you have experienced developers who know how to make it happen.

Magento offers these features and many more:

  • Site Management (Multiple shop fronts)
  • International Support
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing and Promotional Features
  • Checkout, Payment and Shipping
  • Order Management
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Accounts
  • Catalog Management
  • Product Browsing
  • Catalog Browsing
  • Analytics and Reporting

Then there’s the resources…

Another benefit of Magento, thanks to its large community of users and the fact that it’s open-source is the wide variety of extensions and plugins available to add to your site. Many developers and businesses have created specialized bits of code to create certain features (like customized banners or menu options or the way an item moves or works when it’s clicked on) – and they’re available for others to use on their sites too. In other words, there’s a huge variety of site features to pick and choose from that will quickly integrate into your website because the code already exists. Not only that, since the code is always open-source, your developers can tweak it and make it completely unique for your site.

Some of the most popular extensions are:

  • Integration with any accounting software like QuickBooks
  • ERP Integration (Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE, AS400 and many more)
  • CRM Integration
  • Multi Warehouse Integration

Magento is Scalable

Almost all of Magento’s greatest benefits stem from how flexible it is and one of these benefits is scalability. Yes, Magento has quite a few Fortune 500 merchants but it caters to mid and smaller sized businesses too. Whether you sell 5 products, 500 or 5,000 – Magento can scale to your needs. This can be especially helpful for businesses that expect to expand. When the time comes, you’ll have a platform that’s can quickly adapt to your changing needs and grow with you.

It’s also Use-Friendly

Designing a Magento site takes experts to truly take full advantage of everything Magento can do for your business. Unlike do-it-yourself platforms with set templates and options, Magento needs expert developers to craft the code that you need to get the site that you want. All that said, once your site is up and running, Magento sites have very user-friendly administrative and management functions so you can manage your online store in the background, easily and efficiently.

Magento has two main platforms to choose from:

Magento Enterprise is usually suited to larger businesses and comes with the most that Magento has to offer in the way of support.

Magento Community offers just as much flexibility but support would come from the community of developers or your own web developer as opposed to Magento itself. Magento Community is 100% open-source and allows all the flexibility and customizations that Magento is famous for.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Magento platform or want to discuss why it might be the right platform for your eCommerce site, please give us a call or send us an email.

Mike Patel
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