Online Visibility is vital for eCommerce Success

17 Mar 2021
Albert Wood
Albert Wood
Online Visibility is vital for eCommerce Success

The modern storefront, eCommerce has become the economic sweet spot as more brands and consumers are going online. More than 150 million people shopped online for the first time in the pandemic. The number of buyers will only continue to rise making the world of eCommerce more crowded and competitive than ever.

Whether you are an established business, a growing online business, or a lean mean Etsy machine – your ability to appear in the search results impacts your business. eCommerce SEO helps to generate the best possible results for your targeted keywords. SEO is one of the highly effective ways to drive traffic and grow your business.

The Benefits of SEO for eCommerce

Driving Brand Awareness

SEO is the best source for low-cost brand awareness. The appearance of your website on the first page of search results and/or in Google’s Answer Box can trigger potential buyers to remember that they have visited your site.

Filling the Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel — awareness, interest, desire, action — mainly relies on a steady stream of new buyers. SEO for eCommerce plays is significant in driving the lower-cost top-of-funnel traffic to the awareness stage.

Moreover, SEO also plays a crucial role in the shopper’s journey from awareness to interest to action. The intent revealed in the keyword choices travels from informational to transactional. Targeting the intent at various points in your website influences the shopper’s movement to the next phase, increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

Expanding Remarketing Audiences

As the shoppers land on your site via an organic search, your PPC team can place cookies for remarketing campaigns. The more people visit your site, the larger your remarketing audiences can get.

SEO remarketing makes more sense when you consider visits to the content at the top of the marketing funnel, awareness stage. As shoppers browse through the web, they’re reminded that your brand offered them something valuable.

Boosting Content

The result of posting content like blogs, buyers’ guides, or how-to articles is not immediate. SEO comes as a savior here. Your content optimization efforts can provide a substantial increase in traffic at little cost.

Improving the User Experience

User experience drives conversions. With SEO you can understand shoppers and optimize your site’s usability. This, in turn, will improve rankings.

Also, offering a state-of-the-art user experience is the key ranking factor, more significantly for Google. If a large number of searchers return immediately after clicking on your site, Google assumes that your site isn’t relevant for the query or otherwise undesirable. And this can you’re your rankings.

Lowering Paid Search Costs

Google’s Quality Score evaluates the relevance of ads to the landing pages for determining the cost per click. Optimized landing pages drive better Quality Scores, lower cost of clicks, and higher performance in the organic search.

Creating lasting value

SEO for eCommerce is an investment for long-term performance. Unlike paid advertising, its value doesn’t decrease as soon as the campaign ends. SEO will offer long-term benefits to your web presence.

Conclusion – In this never-ending race of increasing revenue for your business, traffic from organic search is essential.  By combining your eCommerce marketing with the best SEO strategies you will generate more quality leads for your business. Connect with one of the leading eCommerce agency in Dallas, Texas.

Albert Wood
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Albert Wood is a technology futurist, sales stimuli, motivator, and E-commerce specialist at ioVista. As a data-driven and digital marketing evangelist, Albert’s passion is transforming struggling e-commerce businesses into sales-generating powerhouses through the right combination of UX and digital marketing strategies.

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