SEO Tactics To Put You On Top In 2020

14 Jan 2020
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
SEO Tactics To Put You On Top In 2020

If you want to create a successful website that will generate an income and followers you will need to strategize how to best utilize SEO tactics. Keeping up with trends gives you a greater chance of getting clicks as you can update and change your site as needed.

With the new year, you need to get a jump on what is trending for 2020.

Take Advantage of Featured Snippets

Snippets are a more recent development that allows individuals to view a “snippet” of the contents of a particular website. This allows readers to get an idea of what your website is all about and can help with your eye traffic as well. The best way to ensure that Featured Snippets will work for your website is to make sure that you have developed clear answers to the most common questions on your site. With this SEO tactic, you will have a 54.68 percent increase in clicks on your site. Overall, you’ll have a much greater likelihood of generating more traffic.

Optimizing Your Site for Voice Search

Since almost everyone uses smartphones these days, voice searches are becoming increasingly popular. But it’s not just smartphones anymore, it’s other devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby. To include your website in voice search you will need to know how to optimize your website for voice search. As it uses voice for generating the search results, it requires the search engine to work more to obtain useful information. Still, consider the importance of this SEO tactic as voice searches will increase in 2020.

Have A Mobile Version of Your Website

Many searches are conducted via mobile devices, so it is important to have a mobile version of your website available. Otherwise, you are likely to lose many of its users, as approximately four out of five consumers use their phones for research. Also important is making sure that your content grabs your readers’ interest and keep them interested, as well as being an easy read. With so much information literally at our fingertips, it is imperative to keep your site’s content accessible as well as entertaining.

Influencers Can Positively Affect Your SEO Ratings

Hiring an influencer helps to build trust with your audience and produce relatable content. As people are more likely to interact with someone that they recognize, traffic to your website will increase, helping your rankings. With this too, is also the opportunity to build backlinks, or links from one site to another, that pertain to your content. Sites with a high number of backlinks usually have higher rankings.

Use Videos To Convey Information

Informational videos are on the rise and are often the preferable way to gather research or just to be entertained. A quality video will not only attract attention, but it will help to promote your website as well. Just like with voice searches, videos will need to be created with the idea of using particular search words in the description and headline of your video. Optimizing informational videos will only help you reach a larger audience.

The Importance of High-Quality Content and Website

Users are looking for content that is useful, current and accessible. To create quality content, you need to make sure that it meets these qualifications. Well researched content that follows a logical structure is imperative to building your website’s popularity. Put yourself in your audience’s place while developing. Ask yourself if it is easy to read? Easy to follow? Is the content informative as well as interesting? Your content also needs to answer questions but in an easy to read formats such as a blog, video or podcast. Your user’s digital experience on your page is also important. If it is difficult to load or is difficult to navigate, you will lose users and lower your search engine ranking. Keeping your content current and your consistent will help to keep your website fresh in a search engine’s ranking algorithm.

Use Multiple Search Engines

Google is the most popular and most efficient search engine at this time. However, there are other search engines out there, such as Bing, Yahoo or Duck Duck Go. You’ll have to make sure that you follow their requirements before posting content to make sure that you’ll have higher ratings but posting on more than one search engine will only increase your eye traffic.

As you go forward in 2020, remember that even though SEO tactics will change, your main goal will be to effectively communicate with your target audience. If you want your business to succeed and stay on top, you’ll need to keep up with the forever changing SEO tactics and algorithms. With consistent effort, you will no doubt be successful.

Mike Patel
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