Support for Magento Commerce 2.3 and Magento Open Source 2.3 Ends

05 Oct 2021
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Support for Magento Commerce 2.3 and Magento Open Source 2.3 Ends

Magento, an Adobe company announced that the end of support for Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Commerce) and Magento Open Source 2.3 will officially be on April 28, 2022.

We understand that many merchants need to plan site strategy well in advance for these kinds of important events.

The time to plan a smooth upgrade of your company’s eCommerce store to the latest Magento 2.4.3 is now, as there are only 6 months until the end of support.

If you haven’t planned the upgrade to your company’s Magento store, we recommend taking a moment and planning for migration to Magento Commerce 2.4.x before support ends.

eCommerce websites that continue to run on Adobe Commerce 2.3.x and Magento Open Source 2.3 after April,28,2022 risk maintaining site security and PCI DSS compliance beyond April 28, 2022.

A quick reminder using unsupported versions of Magento Commerce -Magento Open Source software.

  1.  As soon as a version of Magento Commerce software gets unsupported, it falls out of PCI compliance and it’s the merchant’s responsibility to re-certify the compliance.
  2. Merchants may be subject to fines or removal of credit card processing ability if they are unable to update vulnerabilities from regular scans and penetration testing.
  3. Risk of attacks and security breaches; increased possibility of exposing personally-identifiable customer data.
  4. As unsupported Magento Commerce software versions age, the number of developers and partners willing and able to provide support decreases as they orient their operations to newer versions.
  5. The cost to maintain outdated software versions increases.
  6. Peripheral technologies and dependencies also reach their own end of life cycle with unsupported software. This makes it difficult and oftentimes impossible to maintain a fully secure and compliant site using unsupported Magento Commerce software versions.
  7. Extension developers also focus on the latest versions and compatible platforms. This makes it doubtful if the extensions will be supported in the future or become a security risk.
  8. If merchants continue to use unsupported versions, they are unable to take advantage of newer technologies and capabilities that can help their business grow more quickly.

Benefits of updating your Magento Commerce and Open Source software:

This release includes over 370 new fixes to core code and 33 security enhancements. Enhancements to performance plus significant platform improvements. Security enhancements include expansion of reCAPTCHA coverage and inclusion of built-in rate limiting. Core composer dependencies and third-party libraries have been upgraded to the latest versions that are compatible with PHP 8.x.

Adobe Commerce will get Live Search from Adobe Commerce, delivers a lightning-fast, super-relevant, and intuitive search experience, and is available for Adobe Commerce at no additional charge. Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to perform a deep analysis of aggregated visitor data

Open Source will get Magento Page Builder, build pages with no code, and no unverified third-party extensions. Available as a bundled plugin in the Open-Source platform. It’s sleek and intuitive. It comes with a drag & drop interface that perfectly replaces the traditional WYSIWYG editor, able to build pages with no code and no unverified third-party extensions.

Mike Patel
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