Top 7 Magento 2.2 Features that Make it a Perfect Fit for B2B

17 Dec 2018
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Top 7 Magento 2.2 Features that Make it a Perfect Fit for B2B

The newest update of Magento 2.2 for business to business has many great features that can help grow your business. Besides general business to business functionality, the Magento 2.2 update will include:

  • Bug fixes
  • Security improvements
  • Developer toolkit upgrades
  • Website reporting tools enhancements

You will not want to wait too long to download the Magento 2.2 update since outdated software is more likely to have compatibility issues with extensions. Besides that, when there is an updated version of Magento’s software released, out-of-date websites are especially vulnerable to attacks. You can look forward to a slew of helpful tools that will improve your webstore’s Ecommerce. Here are the main B2B features that are coming with the Magento 2.2 update:

1. Improved Account Management Features

The update includes a self-service tool which puts the power to request and manage company accounts in the hands of B2B customers. Webstore merchants will have better features which will help them handle customer information. This includes importing and exporting customer lists, plus the ability to assign sales reps to specific accounts.

2. Catalog Control and Buyer Accounts

  • Multiple buyers can share one account
  • Store owners define customer catalog access
  • Management of buyer permissions and account roles are included in platform
  • Catalog control for webstores that sell business to business and business to customer

3. Improved Quote Requests Functions

Customer negotiation capabilities and quote management are now included in the platform by default.

Your B2B customers can request a quote straight from their shopping cart. From the merchant’s side, a panel will organize quote management and will handle quote requests made to webstores. Data like quote details and history logs are all kept on record to support customer negotiations.

4. Increase B2B Customer Negotiations

Magento 2.2 will introduce quotes to increase user sales and ultimately improve the quality of buyer relations. Quote summaries offer merchants valuable information to assess their returns and ability to discount. Merchants will be able to turn around and create proposals that include changes to price and shipping offers. The ability to attach comments and other information to proposals is an invaluable way to improve buyer relations. You will also be able to set quote expiration dates to encourage customer action.

5. Speed Up The Purchase Process

Magento 2.2 features many changes which reduce the time it takes to make a purchase. First off, B2B customers can make their orders by entering more than one stock keeping units at a time. Once the SKU is input, Magento then checks the SKU and shows whether the inventory is available or not. Customers can also choose to use CSV files in order to quickly and efficiently finish their ordering processes. Merchants, on the other hand, can make their own requisition lists of the products that are most frequently bought from their store. Create as many requisition lists as you need. You can go back later and assign them to selected customers and streamline orders.

6. Increased Credit Options

Before the 2.2 updates, the only payment options were PayPal or credit card unless you used an extension. Among some of these customizable credit payment settings: minimum and max order limits as well as credit restrictions for certain countries. Magento merchants are going to be able to keep track of credit data on their customers and set specific limits between those individual accounts. This means that trusted buyers will be allowed to exceed the credit limit for purchases compared to other, less familiar customer accounts. Customers will be able to check the status of their own personal credit as well.

7. Better Shipping Options

With the goal of reducing all shipping-related costs, new Magento 2.2 features will automated shipping processes. Tools to manage and organize the loading and dispersing of store products from any location, as well as the ability to define specific product allocation rules dependent on shipping location, are included in the update.

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