What Does A Search Marketing Campaign Need to Succeed

12 Feb 2020
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
What Does A Search Marketing Campaign Need to Succeed

Search Engine Marketing refers to businesses that pay for advertisements to come up within search results pages. In essence, advertisers will bid on a keyword that users may search for when looking for a particular product. That keyword will then link any search results with ads for that business’ product. The major advantage of using this marketing strategy is that it allows the advertisers to directly attract consumers who are willing to buy right away. To have a successful marketing campaign you need to have the proper strategy.

Keep reading for tips on how to create a successful search marketing campaign.

Plan A Strategy

To start your campaign off right, you’ll first need to do some planning. Identifying your target audience will help you to understand their needs and how your product will best meet their needs. By knowing these two factors, you will then be able to more effectively reach these people. You should also identify specific goals that you have, such as rankings, website traffic increases and an increase in sales to measure your success as you go. You’ll also need to figure out your company’s position in the marketplace as well as your competitors. This will help you better understand the work that you’ll need to put into your campaign to make it successful.

Keyword Management Research

As this process is dependent on keywords, you will need to plan a keyword management strategy. You will need to conduct thorough research on the best keyword to use for your product. While researching you should also be able to identify words that you should not use as well. Identify keywords that are most relevant to your product and your business as irrelevant words will inhibit your search marketing strategy. Think of words that your customers will be for when looking for your product. If necessary, use tools to help you generate keyword suggestions. This will help you to consider possible searches that will be conducted while looking for products that you offer.

Optimize Your Website for Organic Search

Once you have identified your keywords, then you will be able to use them within your website. Your site should be optimized to use these words for people to be able to find your site through a search engine. You will need to creatively and effectively write your content to market your product and your company. Make sure that your website is “crawlable” or able to be read and coded by search engines. This includes using your keyword in your title, headline, subheadings, alt tags and meta tags. All of these factors are important in creating a successful search marketing campaign.

Account Structure

The account structure of your keywords is another important part of your marketing campaign as it can help you achieve a higher click-through rate, lower your click-through costs and help you with your overall performance. A successful account structure should include the following elements: ad campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad text, and landing pages. These categories help you to organize and categorize your campaigns. On a larger scale, ad campaigns should include related products or services. Ad groups help to subcategorize your campaign as you can plan to cover particular aspects of your product. This organization may take extra effort to create, but it will help you with your campaign’s result.

Ad Auctions-How They Work and How to Win

Before ads are placed within search engines, they first need to go through a process called an ad auction. To be entered, advertisers state the keywords that they wish to bid on and how much they are willing to bid per click. If the search engine decides that the keywords that you have bid on would be used in a search query, then your ads will be entered into the auction. Your ads will not appear in every single search including your keywords as not every keyword has commercial intent that will justify the ad to pop up. The two major aspects that will be taken into the evaluation as part of the ad auction process is your maximum bid that you are willing to pay for one click, and; your ad’s Quality Score which is a metric based on the quality of your advertisement. The results of this Quality Score is called ad rank.

Quality Scores and Their Importance

As the Quality Score makes up a part of your ad’s ranking, it is an important part of the search marketing campaign. The higher your Quality Score, you lower your costs can potentially be. Search engines like to see high ranking ads, so they will give those ads priority over those who have lower Quality Scores. Due to its high impact on your campaign, the Quality Score is probably the most important part of your search marketing campaign.

Search engine marketing will be an important part of marketing products, but it is a changing process that you will need to put in the effort to make a difference. Yet, it isn’t impossible to create a successful search engine marketing campaign. With these steps, you have the tools you need.

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