Why Are You Still Using Yahoo Stores in 2023?

05 Jul 2023
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Why Are You Still Using Yahoo Stores in 2023?

Suppose you use Turbify (formerly Yahoo Stores) as your eCommerce platform. In that case, you may have noticed many issues with your store and difficulties with the checkout process due to the recent acquisition of Yahoo Small Business and rebranding to Turbify.

Turbify is working behind the scenes to separate from Yahoo technically. Many services are being impacted, and due to the platform’s customizable nature, manual work may be required, along with an impact on your store features.

Here are a few services that will and are impacting your ability to serve your customers:

  • Downloadable goods are not available after purchase.
    Open Since: June 14, 2023, 3:15 PM
  • Customer IP addresses on orders are being recorded incorrectly.
    Open Since: May 16, 2023, 3:30 PM
    Many orders are incorrectly appearing to come from one IP address, causing errors in fraud tools.
  • Store publish status page errors upon revisit.
    Open Since: May 09, 2023, 9:30 AM
    The store publishes status page shows an “Inactivity Timeout” error when merchants navigate away from the page and try to return. Our engineering team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it.
  • Catalog Manager, Database Inventory, and Catalog API are temporarily unavailable.
    Open Since: April 28, 2023, 9:00 PM
  • Merchant Solutions Payment Center unavailable.
    Open Since: April 28, 2023, 9:00 PM
  • Merchant Solutions Tax Rates are unavailable.
    Open Since: April 28, 2023, 9:00 PM
  • Risk Tools are temporarily unavailable.
    Open Since: April 28, 2023, 9:00 PM
    Risk Tools is temporarily unavailable starting April 26. This feature will return at a date to be determined.

These are just a few more of these temporarily unavailable services posted on their website, and remember, the deadline to fix many of these issues has been extended.
Although Yahoo Stores was once a leader in eCommerce, having been established in 1988, the platform is now outdated, and there are several reasons why you may want to consider moving away from it.

Why Migrate to a Different Platform?

As an eCommerce merchant, you want to ensure that your store is up-to-date with the latest technology and features, providing a seamless and secure shopping experience. Your competitors know this; most already provide seamless, accessible shopping experiences.
You may risk your fair share of business if you still use Turbify (formerly Yahoo Stores).

Turbify’s outdated technology and lack of regular updates and support may be limiting the functionality and capabilities of your store, potentially leading to lower sales and reduced customer satisfaction. Although Turbify (yahoo stores) is extremely customizable, only some developers are interested in or know how to work with this platform.
Moreover, the competition in the eCommerce industry has significantly increased, with newer and more advanced platforms offering better features and services at more affordable prices. Many of these platforms require very little from a development agency after launch-go live and are easy for store owners and staff to make changes to themselves without a developer.

To stay competitive and meet the demands of today’s shoppers, it’s time to consider migrating to a more modern and reliable platform that can better meet your business needs.

Here are a few platforms that offer the features and capabilities that shoppers expect and demand in 2023:


A hosted platform for eCommerce that fits business needs of all sizes. With hundreds of built-in features ready to use, BigCommerce sites are mobile responsive, great for SEO, and have never experienced a security breach. Client support is first-class, problems are acknowledged, solutions are offered, and you will always feel like your business is appreciated.


A popular platform among SMBs looking to get into eCommerce immediately. It offers turnkey eCommerce solutions with ready-made templates, third-party apps, payment, and fulfillment capabilities.

Magento 2

An open-source platform for eCommerce store development. With full B2B and B2C capabilities, Magento’s mobile-first architecture, advanced reporting, and SEO features make it the most preferred platform by merchants. It’s fully customizable, so if you want a feature not offered or native to other platforms, the talented, certified developers at ioVista can achieve it with this platform.


In conclusion, migrating from Turbify to a modern and reliable platform has numerous benefits. Don’t let an outdated platform hold back your business growth and success. Consider moving to a platform that can better meet your business needs and provide customers with a seamless and secure shopping experience.  


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