Why Google Shopping Ads Must Transcend your Marketing Strategy in 2019

18 Jun 2019
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Why Google Shopping Ads Must Transcend your Marketing Strategy in 2019

Launched in the year 2012, Google Shopping Ads have become a pivotal part of every successful Ecommerce marketing campaign. These ads are more effective than legacy PPC Google Text Ads for businesses of all sizes. According to a report by Adthena, in Q1 2018, more than 75% of retail search ad spending was for Google Shopping Ads.

Over the past few years, the updates from Google has changed the landscape for paid marketing. With Google Shopping Ads proving to be very profitable for many businesses, they have transformed from an optional promotion tactic into a must-have advertising tool for Ecommerce businesses worldwide.

If you haven’t listed your products with Google Shopping through a Google Merchant account, it should be your top priority for the promotion of the products in your Ecommerce store. Google Shopping Ads will take your sales to another level. The following benefits will persuade you to make a significant investment in Google Shopping Ads in 2019:

1. Enable your Products and Brand to be in Google Shopping Spotlight –

Whether you’re just starting out your business or an established name, the only way to drive consumers to purchase your products is appearing at the top of SERPs (search engine result pages). Google Shopping Ads ensure that your products appear above the organic search results while expanding your brand’s online visibility in a hassle-free and more effective way. Another reason why these ads are so good is they associate prospective customers with your business as the products appear on the basis of the shopper’s keywords. Your products will be displayed to the users who have already shown interest in what you sell.

2. Offer Better Results than Text-based Ads-

A better ROI is what every business expects, especially when it comes to advertising. Google Shopping Ads offer a higher return on investment as your every spend is focused on the right customers. Your ad would be shown only to the shoppers looking for your product.

In term of both, higher conversion rate and better targeting, Google Shopping Ads are more effective than the AdWords text ads. Also, the product images, star ratings and other formatting make them more attractive for users to click.

3. More Qualified Leads from Google Ads –

Google Shopping Ads play a vital role in increasing the quality of your leads by providing relevant product information. Shoppers look for making an informed purchasing decision, and ads with rich information and high-resolution visuals enable visitors to direct to your product page with great enthusiasm for purchasing your product.

Google Shopping Ads help the customer in having enough information within the ad through product name, price, image, your brand name, product star rating and more. Even shoppers who don’t recognize the name of your brand are likely to click on your ad due to the image, rating, and price.

4. Easier to Manage –

In text ads, advertisers need to select and bid on the targeted keywords. On the other hand, Google Shopping Ads eliminate the keyword process entirely and make advertising much simpler. Google selects the relevant keywords are based on the product data feed that you enter in your Google Merchant Center account. The feed updates automatically to ensure your Google Shopping Ads are accurate when they are displayed on Google SERPs.

You send all your product data to Google and it matches the keywords to your products while in AdWords you need to research all the keywords yourself. You can save a lot of time and efforts here.

5. Broader Reach –

As Google chooses the keywords for which it will show your products, you might discover that your products start to show up even for the keywords that you may not have guessed. It helps you to reach more users regardless of which words they personally use for describing the products they want.

Conclusion – The biggest businesses and the savviest minds are allocating more of their marketing budget toward Google Shopping Ads. As a leading Digital Agency in Dallas, we believe that to stay on trend with the competitors, it’s time to revamp your 2019 marketing plans in favor of the latest paid marketing wave.

Mike Patel
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