Why should you upgrade your Magento platform to the newest version?

07 Jun 2015
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Why should you upgrade your Magento platform to the newest version?

Three good reasons to upgrade your website’s Magento platform

Your eCommerce platform is crucial to your website. It does almost all of the technical stuff that keeps your site churning for you as well as your customers. It manages your inventory, tracks your customers’ accounts, manages shopping carts, adjusts prices, manages content, places orders and more. But just like any kind of software, from time to time it needs upgrades – the same way your smartphone or web browser might prompt you to update them periodically.

If your website is running on an older Magento platform version and you’ve had no problems, that’s great and it’s also what your website is designed to do. Your platform won’t stop working when a new version comes along, but it won’t benefit from any of the new updates either – which can really make a difference.

These are the current versions:

  • Magento Community Edition: 1.9
  • Magento Enterprise Edition: 1.13

No matter what version you’re running, whether it’s one or two versions behind or more, these are the top benefits of upgrading your platform:


You don’t have to be a huge corporation like Sony to worry about hacking, viruses and malware. It’s a sad fact but nevertheless a fact, that eCommerce sites are often targets of hackers. Your customers trust you with their personal information and credit card numbers and hackers know this. That’s why it’s always important to stay current with the latest security upgrades.

Anytime Magento releases a new platform version, they will include security updates and bug fixes for other weaknesses they found in their system. By keeping your platform up to date, you’re protecting your business and your customers.

If you were to experience a hack, it could mean losing the use of your site for a time while the issue is resolved. Search engines could block your site and you’d likely lose the trust of your customers. Upgrading your platform to the newest version helps keep your site as safe as possible.

2.Improved Performance.

In the same way that platform upgrades improve security, they also improve performance. Through continued use and testing, Magento finds ways to continually make their platforms work better and better. Performance upgrades can help any number of areas – from inventory and analytics to the flow of the checkout process. These kind of upgrades not only help make your life easier, but they also help make sure your site performs as good as it should to keep your customers coming back.

3.Staying current and competitive.

Website technology is always changing so it’s probably no surprise that platform upgrades can give you the latest and greatest options when it comes to keeping your site competitive.

For example, the most recent Magento platform upgrade includes a responsive template option – and having a responsive site in 2015 has become a necessity for most eCommerce businesses. A responsive site works perfectly whether it’s accessed from a computer or a mobile device. Google is even prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in their search rankings since more and more people are searching and buying straight from their phones or tablets. So this is a prime example of an incredible new upgrade that’s available with the latest Magento platform version.

Every website is unique. While these are the top 3 general reasons to upgrade, there may be more specific reasons for your site. ioVista specializes in platform version upgrades for Magento Community and Enterprise editions. If you’d like to learn more about what a platform update can do for your online store, just email us at [email protected] or give us a call today. 248-233-0628

Mike Patel
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