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Advanced Optimization Techniques to Ensure Maximum Exposure of Your Products. Show Up First – Show Up Often!

Google Shopping Ads, also referred to as PLAs (Product Listing Ads) are the most popular ad format for retail advertisers and drive 76.4% of retail search ad spend in the US. They are vital to a successful Ecommerce marketing strategy and more effective than PPC, Google Text ads for SMB’s as well as large enterprises.

Google Shopping Ads are key to brand awareness and outperforming competitors. It is most converting marketing channel in terms of the ROI. If you’re on the fence of whether to opt Shopping Ads or not, here are top reasons

Next Level Google Shopping Ads Management

ioVista has a proven track record of increasing the shopping ad performance, ROI by over 163%. We understand every business or product is unique and needs a unique strategy to promote to the right audience and get better conversions.

  • Gaining Product Knowledge

    The product feed is crucial for the success of a shopping campaign. We gain a clear understanding of your product and split the feed in the right way that ensures maximum exposure of products.

  • Strategic Bidding

    The key to a successful PPC campaign success is setting the right bid. Our team of certified PPC experts bid strategically to ensure your product is placed higher in the search results.

  • Campaign Monitoring & Management

    We regularly monitor your Google Shopping ads campaigns and manage the bids for maximum Return on Investment for our clients.

  • Setting up the Product Feed

    We generate product feed and make it compatible with Google Shopping Ads, upload the fee to Google merchant center and get the products feed approved by Google.

  • Optimizing the Feed

    We optimize the product title and descriptions to reach the maximum number of customer searches triggering your shopping ads.

  • Product Categorization

    We categorize the products into relevant campaigns and set them up for the right acquisition cost and maximum ROI.

  • Smart Shopping Ads

    We believe in Smart Shopping Ads, bidding the right cost for the right product to get the highest results for the money spent.

  • Negative Keywords

    Our team of experts keeps on adding negative keywords to the campaigns to ensure our ads are served to the right audience.

Ready for Outstanding ROI