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Are You Taking a Shotgun Approach to Coppell SEO?

Here’s a complaint we often get from frustrated business owners who aren’t happy with their current online marketing campaigns:

“I don’t understand why my website is getting buried in Google search results,” they say. “I’ve signed up for an all-in-one online website platform I heard advertised on my favorite podcast. I’ve put every combination of keywords I could imagine someone would use to find my site, and lots of copy on my site pages. How come nobody’s filling out my contact form?”

With a quick click on their website’s link, we know immediately why their search rankings are dead in the water. And we’re sympathetic. Small businesses require a lot of do-it-yourself moxie, and it’s easy to charge ahead with a home-grown website *when companies market their online products as an easy to use, beautiful means by which businesses can create their own sites.*

We’re often compelled to do something to build an online presence, but doing nothing’s better than a shotgun approach to local SEO when breaking into small-town markets.

*It’s one thing to have an online portfolio or list of services to which you can direct existing leads. It’s entirely another to optimize your website to attract the right customers.* Especially if your intended market is a mid-sized town like Coppell, Texas.

I’m Just Getting my Business Off the Ground in Coppell.SEO Services Are Expensive, Right?

Can you afford not to hire a Coppell SEO expert? You have better things to do when managing a start-up or growing local business. You already wear too many hats; do you have the time to learn Google’s ever-changing SEO requirements? Do you know how to research and implement your ideal keywords, or study and outperform your competitors’ SEO strategies?

If you feel your current strategy is falling short, then it’s time to shop around for a Coppell SEO company…preferably one that specializes in Coppell local SEO.

What Can Dallas SEO Company Do to Improve My Search Engine Rankings?

Our SEO creative team works in concert with our technical professionals to carefully craft a website framework designed to appeal to your customers. That website template you’re using now? It was designed to appeal to you. While it may be easy to set up a plug-and-play site, they’re often too slow to load, have flashy but confusing navigation schemes, and are unable to adapt to smartphones and tablets.

  • Comprehensive, responsive website design
  • Coppel-specific keyword research for your industry
  • Competition analysis
  • Effective, engaging and concise content creation
  • E-commerce consulting
  • SEO audits
  • Cost-effective, personalized service

If your current investment of off-the-shelf website services aren’t paying off when it’s imperative you reach your markets in Coppell, SEO services focused on local search engine optimization are the best use of your limited marketing budget.

Help Me Visualize How a Comprehensive Coppell SEO Strategy Would Work for Me

Imagine you’re breaking into the Coppell market as a home security consultant. Your mission is helping Coppell residents in the identification and remediation of problem areas that might attract burglars, *encourage* stalkers, and give your customers peace of mind.

Content is the medium through which your carefully-selected keywords help customers find you online. It also allows you to position yourself as an industry expert and helps your market identify with you and your brand on an emotional level.

Dallas SEO Company’s copywriting and visual media experts create engaging, Coppell-specific video scripts, infographics, and blog content to achieve this goal. Here’s how:

Blog posts about customer case studies or your thoughts on recent news stories in the Coppell Gazette make your content relatable to Coppell search queries. *SEO embedded in quality content legitimizes* your claim to keywords specific to Coppell, Texas and your specific industry.

Infographics are simple, eye-catching, and easy to understand images you can use to appeal to your customer’s security pain points. Infographics might include Coppell crime statistics, the effectiveness of certain security components, or even your recommended security specialists (locksmiths, landscapers, personal defense trainers, and alarm system installers).

Infographics and video can bring home to your potential clients the importance of your expertise.

For example, you can post simple property maps and video tours to illustrate key problem areas:

  • Landscaping that provides cover for burglars, or blocks line-of-sight for residents leaving or entering the home
  • Air conditioning units that allow easy access to flimsy window casements
  • Easy-to-defeat exterior deadbolts
  • Mailboxes or mail slots that facilitate identity theft

Your goals for SEO content are to increase brand awareness through social media sharing, provide content that will go “viral”, and create lead magnets for your website and contact forms.

When Coppell law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, landscapers, and locksmiths begin linking to your content to sell their own services, your brand awareness and the public perception of you as an industry authority skyrockets.

If you don’t want to just “give away” your best-kept secrets, you can use high-value content (e-books, single-sheets, or “exclusive reports”) as the incentive, or lead magnet, to get targeted potential clients to fill out your contact form with *answers* that determine their position in the purchasing cycle, their budgets, and other lead-qualifying data. Download data is yet another SEO-boosting component of your Coppell search engine optimization strategy.

Increased website traffic through inbound marketing boosts your local SEO stats and, as a result, your rankings on top internet search engines. Successful SEO positions you as Coppell’s most obvious choice for home security services.

Now, take a step back and imagine how Dallas SEO Company’s digital marketing strategies can work for you.

Dallas SEO Company: Your Tactical Team for Your Coppell SEO Strategy

When you’re competing against nearby metropolitan areas for the attention of Coppell customers, it’s time to put away the birdshot and hire a sharpshooter.
Contact us to find out how we can keep you on target with your local SEO campaign.