SEO for Carpet Cleaning

One of the greatest challenges for many small business owners in the carpet cleaning business is achieving industry recognition. Fortunately, this challenge can be overcome with the guidance of an expert in search engine optimization. With over 90% of searches beginning online, your carpet cleaning business cannot afford to ignore the growing role of SEO in business success. Below are seven reasons why you should enlist the help of a seasoned SEO expert today.

Competition within the carpet cleaning industry continues to grow

“…Carpet cleaning services have risen 2.4 percent per year since 2011. Service prices for the industry are expected to increase at an even faster rate over the next three years… Carpet cleaning services were given a buyer power score of 3.1 out of 5, reflecting a highly-competitive market.”
– Cleanfax for Cleaning & Restoration Professionals

Maintaining an edge in the highly competitive carpet cleaning industry requires a well-orchestrated SEO strategy. Attempting to design an SEO strategy without any marketing expertise can leave your company lagging behind the competition.

An SEO expert can help you establish your niche

Does your carpet cleaning business specialize in carpet restoration services or another specialty service that helps distinguish you from your competitors? Many professional carpet cleaning companies are able to separate themselves from other providers by offering a specific collection of services. An experienced internet marketing specialist can help you establish your carpet cleaning company as the local authority for specialty carpet cleaning services.

You can devote more time to other industry priorities

When you enlist the services of a professional digital marketing firm to build a successful SEO campaign for your company, you are able to devote more attention to other key priorities such as business development, quality improvement, and customer satisfaction.

New and existing customers will appreciate your efforts

One way that an SEO expert can improve your carpet cleaning company’s reputation is by helping you develop content that is useful and relevant to your customer base. For instance, a marketing expert can help you create a blog or newsletter for your existing and potential customers.

Your leads will increase

An increase in leads is one of the greatest advantages of working with an SEO service provider. Once your SEO expert has developed and implemented an SEO strategy, you should begin to notice an uptick in telephone calls and online inquiries from the Dallas area. Your SEO provider can even offer guidance on lead conversion.

An SEO specialist can help you bolster your social media presence

“Social media presence is just another way to reach your target audience, to spread awareness about your business, and to generate leads. As more and more businesses step up their online marketing game, if you don’t start using social media for your cleaning business, you are going to fall behind.”

SEO experts know that social media is playing an increasingly important role for small business owners who wish to expand their market presence. By enlisting the help of a marketing professional with SEO expertise, you can learn how to increase your customer base and remain connected with existing clients.

You will learn to approach your business with a fresh perspective

When you seek the guidance of a top-notch internet marketing specialist, you will likely receive a thorough SEO audit. This service is designed to identify strengths and weaknesses in your company’s search engine performance and will highlight key opportunities for improvement that deserve sustained attention.

We invite you to Contact us to learn how we can help your carpet cleaning business become the most trusted name in the Dallas carpet cleaning industry. At Dallas SEO Company, our innovative approach to marketing is designed to help your business gain the competitive edge it needs to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We look forward to becoming your single source for all of your SEO services!