SEO for Locksmith Services

Using SEO Content and Professional Web Design to Promote Your Dallas Locksmith Company

The locksmith business has always been a dog-eat-dog world. Back in the day when potential customers turned to the Yellow Pages to find someone to re-key their doors, perform lock-out services or cut specialty replacement keys, they’d find hundreds of listings, often beginning with the letter “A” or the number “1”. Most of these listings would direct potential customers to a single company, leaving independent locksmiths out in the cold.

Now, the rules have changed. Paper business directories have been replaced by internet searches. Even if you’ve named your business “99 Zebras Locksmith Company,” you have a shot at the top of your customer’s Google search results for your industry, even in cities as large as Dallas. That is, if you have a solid SEO strategy.

Are You SEO Aware?

Small business owners tend to be do-it-yourselfers, and with “user-friendly” website templates, it’s tempting to save a few dollars and create your own website.

Have you ever heard the term, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? You’re a master locksmith. You’re likely not an accountant, high-speed internet technician, or an auto mechanic, and you probably rely on experts in those fields to keep your locksmith business running smoothly.

Packaged DIY templates rely on the subscriber’s knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) to reach specific industry and local area markets. Many users aren’t even aware that SEO is no longer about submitting their site to search engines with a click or two, as it was done only a few years ago. Others aren’t aware of SEO at all.

The Professional Advantage

Professional website designers stay up-to-date on the ever-changing “rules” of SEO and the best practices for online marketing strategies. In Dallas’ competitive business environment, the perceived value in products marketed towards independent business owners doesn’t pay off in the long run, when your locksmith website can’t rank above the third page when your potential clients search for “Dallas Locksmiths”.

Navigation and responsiveness

Our Professional website designers create intuitive, responsive, easy-to-navigate layouts that look good no matter the device your customers view your pages: On any computer platform, or any handheld device. Customers searching for a local locksmith don’t want to scroll through flashy, gratuitous graphics to get the information they need or wait for slow-loading platforms to provide results, especially if they’re standing in the rain with a broken key in their front door.

This is what they want to know:

  • That you’re a local business
  • How to reach you (via phone or contact forms)
  • Where you’re located (via integrated mapping)
  • That you’re not a fly-by-night operation
  • That your locksmith services meet their needs (auto locksmith, on-site re-keying, etc.)

Building Trust and Industry Authority

You’re serious about your business, and your website should convey your expertise and reputation. When your site looks professional, so do you.

Beyond its appearance, your website is a valuable tool for increasing brand awareness, building your reputation as an industry leader, and establishing yourself as a valuable resource for homeowners in the Dallas metropolitan area. Your digital marketing professional can design an SEO strategy that includes e-mail campaigns, original SEO-rich content, and shareable media all without distracting you from what you do best: providing high-quality locksmith services to your valued customers.

Did you know that fresh, engaging content not only drives customers to your website, raises brand awareness, and positions you as an industry expert, but helps boost your Google search results? Your Dallas SEO Company expert can create original content copywriting tailored to your business’ unique keyword strategy.

Reach The Right Audience

Do you know what keywords you need to get your site in front of the right customers? Our SEO specialists conduct keyword research relevant to your business, local area, and specialty niche, and conduct keyword audits to keep your site’s optimization current and competitive.

Social media is an important outlet for brand marketing. When you can post a link to your blog article, how-to video, infographic, or photo on your Facebook business page or an appropriate social media channel, not only are you exposing your brand to new markets, you’re generating inbound traffic…and, you guessed it…elevating your search engine rankings.

From One Pro to Another

If you ask us what a tumbler is, we’ll likely tell you its something you’d see a Mad Men character drink from during executive meetings. If we locked ourselves out of our offices, we’d call a pro.

If you need access to top search engine rankings and your target demographics, we hope you’ll contact Dallas SEO Company.