SEO for Real Estate

These days, if you want to stay ahead in your industry, it’s crucial to utilize any and all marketing tactics at your disposal. As a real estate agent, one of the most valuable and powerful tools that you can use is search engine optimization. If you want to build traffic and leads for your site, then you need to make sure that you’re getting top hits on search engines.

At Dallas SEO Company, we understand the needs of real estate companies, which is why we can help you get the results you want with a comprehensive SEO package. Let us transform your business with strategies that have proven results.

Why SEO Matters for Real Estate

There are two primary reasons that you need a high-quality SEO plan for your Dallas real estate business.

First, there is a lot of competition out there, and if you’re not doing everything you can to get ranked higher in search results, your leads will wind up going to a competitor. Don’t let yourself fall behind!

Second, more and more people are using the internet for everything, and real estate is no exception. With so many customers trying to find a reputable and reliable agency to represent their needs, SEO is a fantastic and proven method to get their attention.

With Dallas SEO Company, we can develop a strategy that will drive more traffic and leads to your website and ensure that you rank higher in searches. Contact us today to find out more about how we can guide you on the path to success.

Our SEO Strategy

What can you expect when you work with Dallas SEO Company? As a Dallas real estate company, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best results for your money. We understand the industry, which is why we offer all of the leading strategies that work.

Here is what we can do for you.

Local SEO Keywords

Since you’re based in Dallas, you want to make sure that you’re finding clients and customers that are accessible to you. It doesn’t do you much good to get leads from Oklahoma (unless you have a branch out there).

Local keywords are going to help you rise through the ranks to become the premier option for people in need of real estate services. We will create and customize a list of keywords that will help you get higher rankings in both Dallas and the surrounding area.

The reason that this component is so effective is that users are already searching for those kinds of results. No one is going to put “realtor” or “real estate company” in their search bar. Instead, they will search for things like “Dallas real estate.”

We analyze the local keywords that get the most attention and are the most likely to be searched by your potential customers. We don’t waste time with words that won’t yield top results, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best.

On top of creating a list of high-value keywords, we also specialize in placement for maximum effect. We know what elements of your site that search engines look at the most, meaning that we work smarter, not harder.

Mobile Optimization

These days, more people use their smartphones and mobile devices to do searches for all kinds of businesses. Since these gadgets are always nearby, it’s much more convenient for consumers than it is to use a home computer or desktop.

Is your site optimized for smaller screens? If not, then you’re losing a huge chunk of your business. According to research, 89% of new home shoppers are searching for listings on their mobile device. Not only that, but they are bouncing off of pages that are not optimized.

At Dallas SEO Company, we also understand that making your site friendly to smaller screens can also help you rank higher in search engines. Sites like Google pay attention to pages that are not optimized and give better placement to those that are.

Ultimately, if you’re not geared for mobile, then you’re losing out in two different ways. First, search engines will put you farther down the list, and second, when someone does visit your page, they leave immediately.

Let Dallas SEO Company help you create a mobile-friendly marketing package that can help you get more business. In fact, this strategy is so effective that it can increase your web traffic substantially, even if you don’t do anything else.

Blog Post Generation

Because people are so inundated with information at all times, they are much less likely to pay attention to ads. Whereas decades past you could get a lot of traction with a well-placed advertisement, now they are ignored to an astonishing degree.

So how are you supposed to market your business? One core component of SEO services is inbound marketing. This is the process by which you bring people to your site organically by creating content that piques their interest.

For example, if you have a real estate blog that offers helpful information to potential buyers and sellers, they are much more likely to see what else you can provide. Since you’ve already proven to be a resource for them, they will want to find out more.

The other benefit of content creation is that we can continue to utilize local keywords to promote your business. When people enter specific search terms, your material will pop up, leading them to your site.

For example, if a homeowner has a question about real estate fees or paperwork, you can lure them in with an informative post that explains the selling process. They will see your post in their search, which brings them to your page and lets you connect with them automatically.

Directory Listings

Although you want to drive as much traffic to your business website, you have to include directories in your SEO strategy as well. At Dallas SEO Company, we know that sites like Zillow and RedFin get a ton of traffic, which is why we want to utilize them as a resource for your company.

With thousands of potential customers coming to these directories, you can’t afford not to list your business with local keywords. We will formulate a plan that will help you get more business from these sites as well as standard search engines. As real estate marketers, we leave no stone unturned.

Video SEO

When it comes to engaging content, nothing compares to a well-crafted video. As a Dallas real estate company, you are in a perfect position to utilize this kind of media to your advantage.

You already have pictures and text to showcase new properties, but adding video can help you make your site more dynamic as well as drive additional traffic to your site.

Compared to other forms of media, video content gets more views and more interest. By creating and posting clips on a regular basis, you can enhance your SEO strategy to the max. You can promote these videos through your site, social media (more on that in a minute), or hosting channels like YouTube.

Each video will be optimized for SEO, meaning that we will make it mobile-friendly and we’ll use targeted keywords so that it will get noticed by potential customers more easily. Overall, you will see a massive influx of new clients when you take advantage of this kind of media promotion.

Social Media Integration

Beyond mobile devices, everyone these days has a social media profile. Facebook alone has billions of users around the world, meaning that there is a ton of potential to get new leads. At Dallas SEO Company, we will integrate your social media pages to ensure that you’re getting as many views and leads as possible.

Building your digital marketing strategy with social media in mind can also help you with SEO. Sites like Google will analyze your presence across a variety of platforms, as well as the engagement you get from users. The more people who interact with you on social media, the better your rankings will be.

Social media is also a fantastic place to promote your unique content, whether it’s blog posts, real estate photos, or video clips. At Dallas SEO Company, we will utilize them all to your advantage.

Website Optimization

Is your website working as hard as it should be? Are visitors engaged with your content? What’s your conversion rate for your landing pages?

If you’re not sure, or your numbers are not where you want them to be, we can help. Our goal is to make your site as attractive and engaging as possible. We will optimize your landing pages to ensure that leads convert into customers, and that people will stay and interact with your site for as long as possible.

Search engines pay attention to the bounce and click-through rates of sites, so we will optimize your pages to make sure that you get noticed and promoted accordingly.

Are you ready to work with an SEO expert? At Dallas SEO Company, we are more than prepared to develop a real estate SEO strategy that will take your business to new heights. We understand what it takes to build your brand online, and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied with the results.

Don’t fall behind! Contact us to see how we can transform your Dallas real estate company and create the success you deserve.