Adobe-Magento Technical Code Audit

Adobe-Magento Technical Code Audit

Adobe-Magento Technical Code Audit

Why Conduct a Technical Code Audit?

A technical code audit is a comprehensive review of your Magento website’s code, including its design, functionality, and security. The audit helps you identify issues in your code that may be affecting your website’s performance or security. Some of the reasons why you might consider conducting a technical code audit include the following:

  • Improved performance Improved performance

    The code audit can help identify and fix issues that may be slowing down your website, improving load times and user experience.

  • Enhanced security Enhanced security

    Audit can identify vulnerabilities and security risks, allowing you to address them before malicious actors can exploit them.

  • Increased stability Increased stability

    One of the major aspects of a code audit is it can help ensure your website functions correctly and prevent crashes and errors.

  • Compliance Compliance

    Code audits can help ensure your website meets industry standards and regulations, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards(PCI DSS).

What's Involved in a Technical Code Audit?

A technical code audit involves a thorough examination of your website’s code. The audit typically includes the following steps:

  • Code review

    A review of your website's code to identify any issues, including security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and code quality issues.

  • Testing

    A series of tests to assess your website's performance, security, and stability.

  • Documentation

    A detailed report outlining the findings of the audit, including recommendations for improvements.

  • Remediation

    Addressing the issues identified in the audit, including fixing bugs, improving performance, and enhancing security.

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  • Core code changes

    If you've made any changes to the core code of Magento, it can affect the stability and security of your website. It's essential to ensure that any core code changes are made using best practices and are thoroughly tested before deployment.

  • Customizations

    Customizations can be an essential part of your Magento website's functionality. However, poorly implemented customizations can lead to issues such as conflicts with other extensions or performance problems. It's essential to ensure that any customizations are implemented following best practices and are thoroughly tested.

  • Third-party extensions

    Third-party extensions can be a powerful tool for extending the functionality of your Magento website. However, poorly implemented or outdated extensions can cause security vulnerabilities, performance issues, or conflicts with other extensions. It's essential to ensure that any third-party extensions used in your website are updated, secure, and follow best practices.

What's Included in a Technical Code Audit?

With your technical code audit, you’ll receive an audit report of your eCommerce website with actionable insights.

  • Magento security patches Magento security patches
  • Admin access best practices Admin access best practices
  • Malicious content in DB and files Malicious content in DB and files
  • Admin user permissions Admin user permissions
  • Speed Performance Speed Performance
  • Extensions-Modules evaluation Extensions-Modules evaluation
  • Customizations Customizations
  • Magento Best Practices enacted Magento Best Practices enacted
  • Magento Core Files health Magento Core Files health
  • Theme analysis Theme analysis

Why businesses trust ioVista

As an experienced eCommerce agency, ioVista is well-equipped to conduct a technical code audit for a Magento website. With 19 years of experience in the industry, our agency has a deep understanding of the technical aspects of eCommerce websites, including Magento.

Our team consists of 30+ certified Magento developers who have extensive knowledge of Magento’s architecture and coding standards. We have a physical presence in the USA, India, and the Philippines, allowing us to provide our services globally with a localized approach.

Our certified developers have a wealth of experience in conducting technical code audits, ensuring that the code is optimized for performance, secure, and following best practices. They are well-versed in using tools such as SWAT for Adobe-Magento Commerce, NewRelic for monitoring, Profiler, Sonarqube, and other tools that can help identify potential issues and vulnerabilities in the code.

By choosing ioVista for your Magento technical code audit, you can benefit from our extensive experience in the eCommerce industry, our certified developer teams, and our global reach. We are committed to ensuring that your Magento website is running optimally, securely, and efficiently, helping you to provide the best possible user experience for your customers.

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