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Double C Canvas & Repairs Inc.

Double C was founded in the year 1990. it was started by Roy E. Childres and his wife Mary a. Childres. Our company started in doing tarp repairs and custom items, as time went on serving our customers it allowed us to purchase new machines and hire people to manufacture bigger products.


We have been searching for a web site designer company for a long time, I have been ripped off by other company's stealing my domain name and content, After a long search I found these people and it has been a dream to work with them. I have been working with mike and his crew and them, boys work there but off to support me and my business. Especially when Mike came to my office and showed me how they work. In my opinion these guys are gonna get big and i'm glad to be one of there customers. I give them infinity on the stars. Keep up the good work ya'll I'm the President and CEO of Double C Canvas and Repairs Inc.

- Roy Childers, doubleccanvas.com