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Martial Arts Mart

Martial Arts Mart

With over 3000 items, is one of the largest online suppliers of martial art supplies and equipment; with a 30,000 square foot brick and mortar warehouse located in Knoxville, Tennessee housing a wide selection of merchandise, which includes their own line of uniforms, sparring equipment, and select imports from Asia. As well as information through the publication, Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine. As a TC Group division, they provide one of the most complete and diverse selections of supplies and services for customers, from wholesale, retail, video, and magazine publication, to school management, consulting, and billing.

  • Martial Arts Mart


Although considered successful having been on yahoo stores for many years, their e-commerce commerce director knew it could be better. The platform was not able to scale to the number of visitors and orders, So they were looking for solutions, a new platform that would allow them to scale, market to their prospective customers, and delight their existing customers. With 10 plus years of  customer orders and data, martial arts mart was not only looking for the perfect platform but also the perfect agency to migrate them.  


Outstanding Mobile Experience, Scalability, Speed, Robust Search Capability, Ease of Promotion Management, Improve overall UX and Increase online revenue.

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The Challenge

Martial Arts Mart needed to cultivate closer relationships with its customers on a global scale using their current platform that was not possible. With products sold primarily in Dojo's, Karate clubs-schools' and affiliate networks future growth would need to come from the growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) segment. Martial arts mart had spent over a decade cultivating their affiliate network and growing the organic SEO, not to mention 10 plus years of customer data all these had to be migrated with no data loss and minimal impact on SEO.


  • Customer Experience Strategy & Design
  • Product Categorization
  • Seamless Data Migration
  • Migrate Affiliate Network
  • Custom Apps Development
  • Digital Strategy & Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Measurement and Analytics
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Martial Arts Mart
Client Testimonial

We hired Mike and his team at ioVista to migrate our ecommerce store from Yahoo Store to Magento 2. As we were new to the Magento platform, Mike gave us few demos on the capabilities of our new website. Our newly designed website gives our company a whole new fresh look. Their years of experience with Magento led to seamless integration of our third party extensions and other customizations. Having been on Yahoo Small Business for over 10 years we had a lot of data that needed to be migrated. Mike and his team were again able to migrate all the data without losing any information. Not to mention about the digital marketing campaigns they are running for us - which gives us anywhere between 6-8 times ROI. Overall I highly recommend ioVista as an ecommerce specialty firm.

Martial Arts Mart
Jake Hsen Founder & Creative Director
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