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  • Wedding Linens Direct
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Wedding Linens Direct

Wedding Linens Direct

Wedding Linens Direct have been supplying to fellow business owners with affordable and premium wholesale linens for all their wedding needs since 2000. Whether you need table covers, chair covers, napkins, chair sashes, table skirts, table runners, table overlays, or more.

  • Wedding Linens Direct


We have got you covered. Our exceptional supplies and products are sourced from a manufacturer based in China, where our linens are carefully crafted to perfection. All of our products are made from scratch, starting with each individual thread and our dyes, and working our way up to the finished products you all know and love.

  • Wedding Linens Direct

The Challenge

To mature from a one-trick pony to a thoroughbred stud. Saddle-up their site with functionality for dynamic reporting and analytics, customer and order management, and automation of time-draining manual processes and activities. Provide customers with the ability to customize their orders for more convenient delivery and personalized ordering.


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  • Wedding Linens Direct

Proven Data Result

  • 1185.71

    Order Increased
  • 1877.12

    Revenue Increased
  • 164.86

    Conversion Improved
  • 94.42

    Cost Per Click Reduced


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Wedding Linens Direct
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Our goal is your satisfaction and we won't go further in the project until we find you're really satisfied with each step of our work. We know the best solutions and we're here for you.

Wedding Linens Direct
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