ioVista Inc. WordPress Portfolio for OverseeBiz


Who is OverseeBiz and what are they about? OverseeBiz offers much more than just IT solutions for e-commerce businesses. With expert web development capabilities, OverseeBiz helps build successful online companies from “the ground up”, so to speak. Technical support teams are trained in the latest technologies. Putting their knowledge and skills to use, support personnel ensure that an e-commerce store thrives while operating smoothly. But there is much more to this company than e-commerce web development.


We hired ioVista to rebrand our company website. We are extremely happy with the overall experience working with them. ioVista set us up on a Wordpress platform which makes it quite easy for us to manage our content and graphics on the site. Mike and his team at ioVista are very detail oriented and definitely know their stuff. I high recommend ioVista for any of your web needs.