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Florida Pressure Washing Equipment

Florida Pressure Washing Equipment and Supplies offers competitive pricing and dependable service for a wide variety of pressure washing products. The company sells and rents pressure washers for both industrial and home owner applications. Some of these products include standard pressure washers, custom pressure washers, pressure washer accessories, replacement parts, and chemicals. With its knowledge in pressure washing, the company knows what is needed by the industry and have spent the last eleven years in sales and service. The company has 14 years of experience working with pressure washing equipment. To give its business the same prestige and popularity on the Internet, the company has opted for Yahoo! Store ? the popular professional ecommerce platform for small as well as medium scale enterprises. The website has a professional look and is designed with pressure washing equipment professionals in mind.


We discovered that you had a good understanding of the technology that goes behind our products as well as behind the website. At the same time, your promptness as well as willingness to solve issues is truly exemplary.