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Wearwell is a manufacturer of industrial flooring and matting for businesses, factories, and warehouses. Since 1950, it has designed and patented products that prevent injuries, optimize performance, and position teams to compete in the toughest of all arenas - business.

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With June 2020 fast approaching Wearwell needed to migrate to Magento 2, They had started a new D2C brand and ecommerce website which shared Wearwell’s product database. It was important that the new brand get its own product database as well as its own Magento website. Their last development company had hardcoded the home page and other areas so this time they were looking for Magento development agency that would help them design a website which was easy for the customers to use and for their team to manage.


The primary goal for Wearwell was a revamp and refresh of their B2B as well as their D2C with separate product databases, they were also looking for improvements on Scalability, Security. Ease of Use, Speed and Apps.

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The Challenge

Their prior Magento build was hard coded making any changes exceptionally difficult and a developer was almost always required to assist in this basic function. Wearwell had started a D2C Brand and was sharing product images and SKU’s and other product data from one database, with a huge volume of domestic and international orders, reporting could become confusing.


  • Customer Experience Strategy & Design
  • Epicor ERP Integration
  • SalesForce CRM Integration
  • Custom Module Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Email Notification Customization
  • Custom Apps Development
  • Digital Strategy & Consulting
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Proven Data Result

  • 90.38%

    Orders Migrated
  • 79.46%

    Conversion Improved
  • 12.18%

    Organic Traffic Increased
  • 33.21%



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  • Modular Calculator Application
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  • Epicor Salesforce
Client Testimonial

As the Marketing Director of Wearwell, partnering with an agency with expertise in Magento was critical to our migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. We have two companies each with their own website - a B2B and a B2C and ioVista took the time to understand the goals of each. Many agencies claim to do it all - from video to web development to Magento migration. We've down that road a few times and were disappointed in these agencies' competency specifically in Magento. After vetting several agencies, ioVista rose to the top. Their team are top notch! Each member of their team is very responsive, professional and have expertise in their role. We couldn't be happier with the migration and on-going support!

Taunya Swandal Marketing Director
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