MartialArtSmart is a leading supplier of martial arts gear and equipment retailer founded in 1983 and has been selling online since 1995 with an extensive inventory of over 3,000 items and a massive 30,000-square-foot warehouse in Knoxville, Tennessee. They boast over two decades of experience delivering high-quality martial arts products, including their own line of uniforms, sparring equipment, and select imports from Asia.

  • 277.97%

    Increase in Paid Traffic
  • 326.31%

    Increase in Sales
  • 146.88%

    Increase in Orders
  • 162.79%

    Increase in ROI


MartialArtSmart faced challenges navigating Google's approval process. They also needed assistance creating and implementing active ad campaigns and branding strategies. They were struggling with their online product visibility.

  • MartialArtSmart

Our Solution + ioVista Secret Sauce

ioVista set out to increase MartialArtSmart’s sales and traffic by implementing effective active ad campaigns and branding. The focus was on gaining Google approval for products that conflicted with their guidelines and optimizing their Google Shopping Feed listings for improved visibility.

  • SEO Setup, including a brand campaign to boost awareness.
  • Consultation, which involved paid marketing to increase traffic and sales and an audit recommending a migration from Magento to Shopify.
  • Implementation of various ad campaigns, such as Shopping Ads, Remarketing Ads, Google Ads, Display ads, and more.
  • Monthly or weekly promotional sales.
  • Optimization of category pages, product pages, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, etc.

The Results

After implementing various strategies to reduce budget waste, paid traffic, sales, orders, and ROI (return on investment) increased significantly. The client has experienced significant gains in search visibility and revenue since teaming up with us.

  • Paid traffic increased by 277.97%
  • Sales increased by 326.31%
  • Orders increased by 146.88%
  • ROI increased by 162.79%
Client Testimonial

We hired Mike and his team at ioVista to migrate our eCommerce store from Yahoo Store to Magento 2. Mike and his team were able to migrate all the data without losing any information. Not to mention the digital marketing campaigns they are running for us - which gives us anywhere between 6-8 times ROI. Overall I highly recommend ioVista as an eCommerce specialty firm.

JAKE HSEN Founder & Creative Director
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