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  • Conservation Mart
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Conservation Mart

Conservation Mart

Conservation Mart is a one-stop shop for Energy/Water Efficiency Products and Weatherization Supplies. Conservation Mart was founded in January 2008 to serve the conservation needs of the marketplace.

  • Conservation Mart


Conservation Mart’s website was built in 2011 using ASP.NET Storefront and helped establish Conversation Mart as the go-to website to purchase products that reduce residential and commercial energy and water use while also being the place to learn more about the benefits of energy and water efficiency. After 20 years, their clientele had shifted from primarily ordinary consumers to more business and governmental entities, and their website technology had become outdated. Because of the outdated technology, their website was slow, not displayed well on mobile devices, and it was not easy to place a B2B order. Conservation Mart wanted to switch to a modern, easy-to-use platform with a refined UI/UX and an easier, simplified way for businesses and government customers to do business with them while retaining the ability for ordinary consumers to purchase as well. After researching various platforms, it was decided that BigCommerce’s B2B edition would be the best fit. Next, they started vetting agencies to migrate and implement their website on the BigCommerce platform. After 20-plus years of creating unique content, Conservation Mart had excellent SEO, so preserving organic rankings of SEO was a crucial factor for which agency would be awarded their project. After meeting with several agencies for an expert BigCommerce Agency that could migrate the store from ASP.NET to BigCommerce B2B, ioVista was selected for their history of successful migrations with little to no impact on organic rankings and even some projects with no loss of SEO.

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The Challenge

With 20-plus years of unique content, including a learning center and thousands of blog posts, many with dynamic product links, the challenge was to migrate data from the ASP.NET Storefront server to BigCommerce. Since that is a cross-platform migration, changes to the URL structure were necessary,​ and SEO could be affected. The client also wanted to integrate the B2B edition to take advantage of features B2B businesses expect, like an invoice portal so B2B clients could track and pay for their invoices, quickly reorder items that were continually repurchased, ​request a quote,​ company accounts,​ and tiered pricing, just to name a few.


  • BigCommerce Enterprise
  • Custom UI/UX
  • Data Migration
  • Custom Integrations w/ Order Desk
  • B2B Features Implementation
  • Custom Brand Pages
  • Customize CMS Pages to show Products
  • Conservation Mart


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Conservation Mart
Client Testimonial

We love the new look of our site. Very clean, modern and fits well with the enterprise brand we would like to project going forward. Site speed seems to have improved significantly and customers seem to really love the checkout process.

Conservation Mart
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