Cantoni Furniture

Cantoni established in 1984 is recognized as one of the nation’s leaders in modern furnishings and interior design with eight locations across the U.S., and a hand in the design of private residences and commercial projects from Dubai to Shanghai, New York to Nairobi.

Cantoni Furniture
  • 132%

    Orders Increased
  • 109%

    Organic Revenues Increase
  • 7x

    Return On Ad Spend
  • 76%

    Increase in Paid Traffic


Cantoni had contracted with various digital marketing agencies over the years and experimented with paid advertising (PPC) in-house. The owner and stakeholders knew there had to be something wrong to spend years and efforts with SEO and yet hardly ranked for significant keywords and brand names. They also felt that there had to be a larger ROAS than 2x - 3x for Cantoni since they are unique in their offerings and services to discerning customers with disposable income. They knew it was time for a change and started looking for agencies that understood the DNA of the Cantoni customer. Simply put, they wanted the ROAS and organic rankings that their brand deserved.

  • Cantoni Furniture

Our Solution + ioVista Secret Sauce

SEO Strategies:

  • Keyword Optimization: Continuously optimizing keywords to maintain and improve organic search rankings for targeted search terms.
  • Content Strategy: Developing and implementing a content strategy that resonates with the audience, providing value and boosting user engagement.
  • User Experience (UX) Enhancement: Prioritizing user experience to reduce bounce rates and improve on-page engagement.


PPC Campaign Management:

  • Campaign Refinement: Regularly reviewing and refining ad campaigns to ensure alignment with evolving market dynamics and user behavior.
  • Keyword Expansion: Expanding keyword lists to target a wider range of relevant search queries.
  • Landing Page Optimization: Developing and fine-tuning landing pages to enhance the user journey and drive higher conversion rates.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Implementing strategies to increase conversion rates and maximize the efficiency of ad spending.


Branding Initiatives:

  • Consistent Brand Messaging: Ensuring consistent brand messaging across all online and offline channels.
  • Targeted Marketing: Implementing targeted marketing strategies to reach specific audience segments.
  • Brand Visibility: Concentrating efforts on enhancing brand visibility through various online channels.


The Results

Our expertise in optimizing Paid Campaigns to get the best ROAS and identifying and working on Technical SEO fixes have increased over 100% in revenues within 6 months of ioVista starting the campaigns.


  • New users increased 61.30%
  • Revenue increased 109.11% 


  • Paid traffic increased 76.10%
  • Revenue increased 112.22%
  • Orders increased 132.46%
  • ROI increased 345.17%
Director of e-Commerce

ioVista played an integral role in the growth of our business. The 1st year we were up 20% and so far this year we have a 50% increase in Q1 2024. Their knowledge and work ethic is unmatched. They were available to us round the clock. The amount of time they took to research our business, learn our culture, and provide recommendations went a long way. I would highly recommend working with Mike and his team!

Cantoni Furniture
Cantoni Furniture Director or e-Commerce
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