Magento OMS- A Fine-Tuned Ecommerce Machine


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Magento Order Management System (OMS) – A Fine-Tuned Ecommerce Machine

Whether it’s an eCommerce business or a retailer who sell in a store, order management has a certain set of challenges. You must be able to deliver goods where and when your customers want them.

To live up to this expectation of your customers, you must know where your inventory is and how to get a product from point A to B in the most optimal way. Magento Order Management System (OMS) is boon for online retailers as it streamlines the shipping process and ensures that customers receive products on the promised delivery time.

Magento OMS is a flexible and cost-effective solution for managing, selling, and maintaining inventory across any sales channel. Its seamless customer experience helps increase sales while reducing the costs and improving the time to market.

OMS’ capabilities include:

  • Global visibility
  • Management of all inventory
  • Ability to ship from and to anywhere
  • Easy to access and more responsive customer support service
  • Improved customer experience and loyalty

OMS has more architectural strategy than any all-in-one product. It is an integration hub that allows Ecommerce merchants to optimize their order infrastructure and processes. Being fully configurable, it allows merchant specific use cases and product sets. OMS leverages a standard API (Application Program Interface) for linking your inventory, shipment, and returns with various sales channels.

We can call Magento Order Management a set of modules working together like a fine-tuned Ecommerce machine:

  • Distributed Order Management – It helps determine which methods and channels make allies the most to fulfill an order efficiently and delivers the best against customer expectations.
  • Sourcing – It gives a birds-eye-view of your global inventory to help define and optimize the source of products from all the available inventory.
  • Store Fulfillment – This allows merchants to convert their stores into mini-distribution centers which not only eases up the sourcing of multi-store inventory but also enables adaptive online selling.
  • Customer Service – For easier order modifications and seamless integration with other customer service tools
  • Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) – It enhances the in-store experience while ensuring your customers never leave the store without their selected product(s). It also gives them the assurance that their products will be quickly shipped and delivered right to them.
  • Business Intelligence – This fully leverages the order management analytics to gain orders, payments, shipments, and returns insight.

Let’s have a look at the features and business processes of the following Magento OMS content areas:

OMS Statuses for Orders

  • Order Status
  • Order Item Status
  • Item Payment Status
  • Shipment Status
  • Request Status
  • Refund Status
  • Postsale Status

Special Order Types

  • Backorders
  • Bundles
  • Virtual Products
  • Pre-shipped Order Lines


  • Ship to Store Process
  • Fulfillment Process
  • Price Adjustments

Stock and Order Sourcing

  • Inventory
  • Sourcing

Post Sales

  • Exchanges
  • Order Comments
  • Reshipments
  • Returns

Extensions Management

Customer Communications

Magento Order Management System works to centralize your global inventory, source items, and manage orders while providing a consistent and full-featured shopping experience. From the moment a customer clicks on a product to the time it is delivered, OMS efficiently handles the compilation and execution of an order.

Mike Patel
Mike Patel