5 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales in 2024

21 Sep 2023
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
5 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales in 2024

Let’s learn how to grow eCommerce sales with different tactical solutions for conversion rate optimization. You can do so while using your current platform and making minor changes or expanding how many sales channels your product is marketed and sold on.

1. A Personalized Shopping Experience

Customize a personalized shopping experience for all your clients. Making customers feel important before, during, and after shopping with you will encourage them to return to you for future needs. Send your customer a personalized email or text message after a purchase to follow up with them. 

Ask if they are satisfied with their purchase and if they can leave an honest review for you on your website, review platforms like Yotpo, Review.io, etc., or your Google profile. In email or text, you can also suggest any additional products or services you offer that can accompany what they originally purchased from you. 

These are some of the features that are available on Magento, Adobe Commerce, the licensed version of Magento, and ones that can be added to your current selling platform: 

  • AI-driven technology that recommends products as clients shop the website. 
    • Adobe Sensei AI search and recommendations
    • ElasticSearch
    • Klevu
    • Proto AI
  • Personalization via omnichannel marketing resources to reach a wider audience.
  • Different apps to help you run your business, such as:
    • Customer service chat
    • Reminders to check customer reviews
    • Tools for improving SEO-driven content on your website
    • Syncing customer contacts for easy time reaching out via email, direct mail, and phone numbers

2. Sell Your Products On More Than Just Your Website

Sure, you may already have pretty good sales selling your products on your company website. However, you can diversify your product-selling portfolio by considering other platforms to sell your merchandise. 

Analyze where your clients like to shop most. You can collect data by hosting polls on your social media pages. Listening to your most loyal clients about where they shop most is the best step to getting proactive results. Alternatively, you can conduct research based on client demographics versus the most likely retailers they shop at based on age, gender, and other qualities. 

Think about big box retailers where many shoppers frequent to enhance your selling power. Target and Walmart are amongst the most popular online shopping big box store platforms. Depending on the nature of your product, you can sell your product on their websites, Walmart.com and TargetPlus. Using Etsy, Amazon Homemade, or Storenvy can increase your sales too.

If your store is on Adobe Commerce, Magento Open Source, and BigCommerce, consider adding a “Buy With Prime” feature where online shoppers can check out using their Amazon Prime account while still shopping on your website. This skyrockets conversion rates because customers can conveniently check out as if they are shopping on Amazon without actually being logged on directly to the platform. 

3. Use SEO To Push Your Products

It’s possible to do SEO optimization no matter what platform you use to sell your products. If you haven’t already, start writing blog posts utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). This means integrating popular keywords into your blog posts so that they rank higher on Google on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Gather keyword research by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. Based on ad campaigns that you post on Google, you will be automatically suggested new keywords you haven’t used yet to inspire a broader spread outreach. View the monthly search amount to see which keywords are more typed into the search engine than others. 

Alternatively, you can read blogs from other competitors in your niche to see which keywords surface the most throughout posts. Then, you can uniquely integrate these keywords into your blog posts while cross-referencing them with a keyword research tool to fine-tune your overall SEO approach. 

Pro Tip: Refrain from keyword stuffing in an attempt to rank higher in search engine results. This is a counterproductive tactic that will decrease rankings. For example, Google sees keyword stuffing as spam, hence why your search engine ranking could be lower using this method. Instead, have primary keywords sprinkled in about once every 200 or more words throughout the blog post so that keywords are more balanced throughout the content rather than showing up repetitively. 

4. Develop a Social Commerce Marketing Plan

How you implement your eCommerce strategy is essential for how to grow eCommerce sales. Having a social commerce marketing plan can build brand loyalty and increase sales. 

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce involves using social media to market and promote your products to clients. Regularly using social commerce generated $724 billion in sales for American businesses in 2022. Whether it’s TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or a combination of social media, there are many ways to develop a social commerce marketing plan. 

Sell on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram stories directly from your social media page. Host flash sales and advertise them on your stories. Don’t forget to link to the products on your website.  

Find influencers in your product niche across different social media platforms. Ask them to help you promote the product in their reels. You can agree on a commission they’ll earn for each product they sell using their affiliate link. 

Sample Social Commerce Marketing Plan

Implement a plan for your online store something like this:

  • Post a unique update about your online store once daily when your social media followers are mostly online. 
  • Report new product launches a couple of weeks before to excite your followers. Give a one-week reminder, a three-day one, and an official announcement on launch day. 
  • Make Reels or TikToks demonstrating how to use your products to engage followers. 
  • Post polls to gain insight into what clients love most and least about your products. 

5. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know – And It’s Costing You

Considering that most digital work of “running” ad campaigns on sales channels like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., and sales marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Esty, etc., along with “doing’ SEO, is usually done in-house by employees who have many other task and roles, many times with some favorable results are less than optimal 

However, contracting a professional outside your organization is always the ideal way to scale your sales professionally. Ad spends with the highest ROAS and lower customer acquisition costs are achieved by professionals whose sole job is to stay educated and ahead of digital marketing trends. They do digital marketing full-time without becoming unfocused due to other company obligations. 


If you run an online business, try these tactics to increase your eCommerce sales. Better yet, talk with the eCommerce experts at ioVista and learn how hiring a professional can scale your business. Contact us to find out more!


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