Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales this Holiday Season

03 Nov 2015
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Email Marketing Tips to Increase Sales this Holiday Season

Odds are, you’re already using email marketing for your online store. But if you’re not, we can’t recommend it highly enough. When done well, email marketing can help you grow your business and make more sales with hardly any cost.

So let’s assume you’re already using email marketing. Today, we’re going to share some quick tips for email marketing during the holidays. You’ve probably already got some sales and promotions planned out. That’s perfect. By now, that’s what you should have. But what else can you do? Keep reading below for some tips to get the most sales out of your email marketing campaigns.

What else can you do besides sales and promotional emails?

1. Reminder emails.

There are many opportunities, especially around the holidays, to use reminder emails to bring in more visitors and sales.

  • Cart Abandonment. Whenever you have the email of a customer who abandons their cart. Send a reminder email the next day to ask about it. You can also include important information like shipping dates to show urgency.
  • You don’t want to get spammy and send out too many emails but sending a reminder about a sale before it expires can be a good way to draw in some more customers who forgot to stop by your site.
  • Shipping cutoff dates. As the holidays approach, shipping usually gets more and more expensive. You know this and your customers know this. So it can be very effective to send out reminders as final shipping dates approach. Show your customers that you’re trying to save them money by reminding them to place their orders as soon as possible.

2. Multiple Sign-up/e-letter options.

You can have your standard signup on the homepage or within your shopping cart or on your blog. But there are other kinds of sign-up forms or types of emails you can offer.

  • Back in stock email. Whenever an item is out of stock, you can add a link to your product page to “sign up for notification when this item is back in stock.” It’s a nice way to help your customers and collect their email address.
  • Shipping reminder. For the holidays, you could setup a special shipping reminder email and offer to send reminders as your final shipping dates are approaching or when rates will increase near the cutoff dates.

Whatever you do, keep customer service in mind. The more useful your emails are, the more your customers get out of them, the better they will serve you. All marketing doesn’t need to be direct. Sometimes, just being a helpful store is all it takes to get some more visitors to stop by and look at your items.


Mike Patel
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