Five BFCM Strategies Merchants Love To Implement For Holidays

26 Oct 2021
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Five BFCM Strategies Merchants Love To Implement For Holidays

The most wonderful time of the year for shoppers and the busiest time of the year for merchants, Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) is a prelude to the holiday shopping season. It offers consumers exciting ways to enjoy a long weekend and take advantage of amazing deals, accentuate their gift-giving plans, or just treat themselves.

Though this sales period surrounds a lot of stress and competitiveness there are fruitful rewards for eCommerce stores when BFCM is executed strategically. Here are five major tips to plan your approach to Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021

  • Add Fun to your Campaigns and Exclusive Deals

When it comes to BFCM, you need to tackle things differently by getting creative with your campaigns. Last year, a leading martial arts products selling company in the USA created a mock “leaked” email spilling the details of their upcoming sale to their email subscribers. Though with a disclaimer, and terms and conditions in the email footer some subscribers were quick to identify the fun tactic, a lot of subscribers participated in the sale and forwarded the email to their friends and family.

The company is planning to add fun to this year’s BFCM promotions as well by emailing an illustrated postcard to the customers that they can scratch to unveil the hidden discount or offers. The card is even transferable to anyone who needs martial arts products, and that will help add new customers to the funnel.

  • Remarket BFCM to Comply with your Mission Statement

An apparel company with a commitment to plant 10 trees for every item sold, remarket the sales period as Green Friday. They find BFCM as a huge opportunity to promote their cause and create change during the busiest shopping period. This year the team has set a goal of planting one million trees through this year’s Green Friday sales, doubling the target from the last year.

They announce the BFCM sale and promotional offers through email campaigns with a live goal meter for the number of trees planted and advertise that campaign on social media as well.

  • Create Awareness and Raise Funds for a Cause

One of the renowned motorcycle parts and accessories stores is planning to draw its shoppers’ attention to a worthy cause. They will donate 15-20% of its BFCM sales to a non-profit organization aimed at providing coats and socks for the homeless.

  • Offer Bonus Items and Mystery Boxes

Owner of a leading kilt rental service provider views Black Friday Cyber Monday as a time to treat customers to a little fun. Their campaigns often make use of mystery and surprise. They add bonus products to all orders during BFCM or a door crasher in the form of a mystery box filled with multiple accessories. “Ordering a mystery box is like self-gifting as you don’t know what’s inside it” – he said. It’s a great way to clear out old inventory without discounting the whole store.

  • Provide Discount on Items Customers Need

A bricks-and-mortar store selling its products online highlights that the company’s 12-month planning cycle is a key component to build a BFCM promotion that fits with its inventory, profitability, and, most importantly, the customers’ needs. The president & owner of the company said “This period is a great opportunity to help customers replenish their supplies at much better prices. We don’t view BFCM as a way to get new customers, but rather a chance to give our customers a deal they are looking for.”

Get Ready for a Breakthrough Black Friday Cyber Monday

Though the strategies mentioned above are unique to each merchant their process points back to creating campaigns that connect with their customers. Setting goals and coming up with a unique BFCM approach is vital to reach the intended audience.

We hope these stories will spark ideas for your Black Friday Cyber Monday plans. To help you prepare more, check out the 15 things to check off your BFCM planning list and kick start your holiday marketing plans for 2021.

Mike Patel
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