Five Reasons Why Your Mobile Strategy Isn’t Working

06 Jun 2019
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Five Reasons Why Your Mobile Strategy Isn’t Working

1. Your Website Isn’t FULLY Optimized For Mobile Use

You may be thinking your site is mobile-friendly when it’s actually not. A lot of eCommerce platforms like Magento have started offering mobile-friendly themes but many of them don’t fully optimize your site. Usually, these themes will apply to top-level navigation pages like your home page or product category pages. But when you get deeper into the site to the individual product detail pages or the checkout process, your site doesn’t function as well as it should on a mobile device. This creates a very poor user experience and usually sends visitors looking for another site. Ideally, your website should look and function perfectly no matter what kind of device it’s accessed from.

One very simple way to check how your site works on mobile devices is to check it out on your own phone or tablet. You might be surprised how some of the buttons really work (or don’t work).

You can also see if Google considers your site mobile-friendly or not. Since they began favoring mobile-friendly sites in search, they made a free test available. All you need to do is enter your site’s address and see what Google says about it. You can find their free test right here: Google Mobile-Friendly Test.

2. Your Design Isn’t User-Friendly For Mobile

Let’s say your site is mobile-friendly – as in, it shrinks down for mobile phones and tablets but you’re still not seeing a lot of mobile traffic or conversions. This might mean that even though your site is optimized for mobile devices, it’s not really optimized for mobile users. For example, are the buttons and fields hard to use with a touchscreen? It’s one thing to click on a small area with a mouse but it’s much harder to manipulate small areas on a touchscreen. So it might be worth going through your site and checking out how easy it is to “click” buttons or fill out fields from a mobile device. If you’re site is already mobile-friendly, it might be a great time to consider getting a usability audit from a professional.

3. You’re Not Using A Social Media Auto-fill Function For Fields

Have you ever been on a website that asks you to login with your Facebook or LinkedIn account and it seems to already know your name? That site is using a social auto-fill function. While this can seem a little “big brother” it’s proven to work, especially on mobile devices. Filling out forms on mobile devices usually takes longer than it does from a desktop. If your site auto-fills most or all of a form for a user, that makes less work for them. It also makes it more likely that the user will complete the form and complete the action they started. In fact, one study found that conversion rates increase by 189% with an autofill function.

4. You’ve Got Too Much Content

That probably sounds a little confusing since you’re usually told content is king and that the more you have the better your search rankings will be. However, when it comes to mobile, less is more. Now, this doesn’t mean you should delete any content. This just means you might want to consider limiting content that appears when your site is accessed from a mobile device.

You’ve probably noticed that some mobile sites will have a link at the bottom that says “Go to Full Site.” This is used for sites that aren’t showing you ALL of their content on a mobile device. They pick and choose the most relevant content to show. This is a good strategy because screens are so much smaller on phones and tablets. It’s best to make everything as easy to read as possible, which often means stripping down some of your site’s content for mobile users.

5. Your Emails Aren’t Optimized For Mobile

This is such an easy element to forget but you could have everything on your site optimized for mobile use and still not have mobile-friendly emails. It happens all the time. In fact, research shows that almost half of all emails are opened on a mobile device but only 10% of emails are actually optimized for mobile devices. This is a HUGE opportunity to get ahead of your competition and it’s not too hard to do. Some email clients will mobile-optimize emails for you. But another way to do it in the short-term is to reduce the size of images and make call to action buttons larger so it’s easy for people to tap them.

Getting your site fully optimized for mobile use is one of the best things you can do for your business online. It’s almost the equivalent of remodeling your brick and mortar store.

The fact is, more than 80% of shoppers now use mobile devices to browse the internet and shop and 70% of mobile searches lead to action within an hour.

These numbers are too great to ignore. Mobile shopping is only going to continue to grow and if you’re not catering to mobile customers, you’re missing out on sales.

Call or email us today to get your site fully optimized for mobile shopping. ioVista, Texas Digital Marketing Agency can help you convert your site into a fully functional and user-friendly mobile shopping experience.

Mike Patel
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