Google Saves The Day For E-tailers With Free Listings In Google Shopping

24 Apr 2020
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Google Saves The Day For E-tailers With Free Listings In Google Shopping

In light of challenges faced by the retail sector currently, Google is extending a helping hand to online retailers by making it FREE for merchants to sell on Google.

With physical stores being shuttered due to the coronavirus pandemic, the threats to the retail sector have become inevitable. Online shopping is a lifeline for both retailers as well as shoppers.

The millions of shopping searches on Google show that the consumers are now shopping online not only for essentials but also searching for things like toys, apparel, and other home goods. Though this presents a great opportunity for struggling businesses due to limitations of stock availability many can’t do so. And the retailers who have the items people are searching in stock and ready to ship have not been easy to find online.

Now Google is making it easier for online retailers to be more discoverable online and sell free on Google. By the end of April 2020, the search results on the Google Shopping tab will primarily include free listings. It will not only help merchants to better connect with their consumers but also free exposure to hundreds of millions of people who search on Google every day, regardless of whether merchants advertise on Google.

You can benefit from the free listings without doing any additional thing if you’re an existing Merchant Center and Shopping ads user.  If you are not currently a Merchant Center and Shopping ads user Google will soon streamline the on-boarding process for new users of Merchant Center over the coming weeks and months.

Just like Google doesn’t charge sites to be a part of Google search, listings for existing Merchant Center and Shopping ads users will appear in Google Shopping tab at no cost. Paid listings will also continue to appear in ad slots and function in the same manner as they currently do.

Google is also coming up with a new partnership program with PayPal to enable merchants to link their account with PayPal.

Google is aimed to make digital commerce more accessible to businesses of all sizes and this initiative by Google will prove to be of significant help to e-tailers in this global crisis.

What Next?

So like Google, we are also determined to help merchants who want to expand their footprints in the e-commerce industry. You can connect with one of our e-commerce specialists any time for Google Shopping listing management or other challenges preventing you from flourishing online.

Mike Patel
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