How to get started with content writing

28 Oct 2014
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
How to get started with content writing

Once you have a place to post your content, like a blog…

The first step is choosing topics

You’ll probably know some good topics to cover right off the bat. Think of the kinds of questions you get about your products from customers all the time. Simply answering questions is a great way to give your customers the information they’re looking for. If several people have asked you the same thing, odds are more people are looking for that answer too.

Next, choose a great headline

It’s important to choose a headline that will call to your target audience. Make sure it’s specific and promises to explain something your customers want to know. It’s a good idea to think of the way your customers ask you their questions. Try to use their language or phrasing.  Everything depends on your business and your customers but in general, it’s best to speak in layman’s terms.

Research, write and review

If you’re passionate about your products and services, that will come through – even if you don’t consider yourself the best writer. Many companies hire professional writers just to write their content. But you can certainly get started on your own. If you’re unsure of you’re writing, one of the easiest things to do is have a friend or colleague review your work. Another way to get more content could be to invite guest bloggers to your site. They might want a link back to their website, but their content can still bolster your site in the process.

Let your personality show through

While your goal is to be informative and helpful, you shouldn’t treat your blog posts like college essays. It’s not only ok to show some personality, it’s for the best. It’s ok to tell personal stories that help make your point. Or it’s ok to say “I” and make it clear that you wrote it. If you’re an expert, it’s ok to show that. As you’re writing, imagine that you’re explaining your product the same way you would in a conversation. This will help keep your tone more personal and relatable.

Spread the word

Once you start posting articles on your blog, be sure to share them on your social channels too. This way, you’re keeping your fans engaged with your business and you’re increasing the chance that your content is shared with others.

Content marketing takes some time but is worth the wait…

Unlike most kinds of marketing, you probably won’t see results right away. With PPC, you can see clicks. With coupons, you can track promo codes. It’s a little different with content. Remember, your content isn’t really selling something directly but it should generate more traffic and sales over time. Content makes your website richer.

The key is sticking to it and posting new content regularly – whether that’s once a week or once a month. Find a reasonable schedule that works for you and stick to it. People go online to find information, especially when they’re shopping. As you add more and more content, your website will become a resource and your business will become a trusted authority.

Mike Patel
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