Optimizing Your Google Shopping Ads For Selling Success

18 Aug 2020
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Optimizing Your Google Shopping Ads For Selling Success

For online retailers, promoting your merchandise on multiple platforms is extremely important for increasing your revenue. With increasing competition on online shopping platforms like Etsy and Facebook Marketplace, it can be difficult for newer retailers to have products seen by a wider audience.

With search engine optimization marketing, user research and keyword searches, Google has found many ways for online merchants to showcase their products to their target audience and ultimately drive more traffic to your website and store. Along with Google Shopping, ad campaigns can also increase your site traffic and expand your audience.

Google’s ad specialists are trained to help online business owners optimize their campaigns to get the most traffic as possible. You can use Google’s shopping feature by setting up your Google Shopping Ads Campaign. And here’s how to optimize your online store traffic through Google Ads.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a new feature that optimizes user search results for retail purchases. It allows users to find online stores and websites that have the exact product that they’re searching for. Just like Google’s images, news and maps tabs, the shopping feature will allow for a filtered search for the user depending on what they’re looking for.

When a user searches for “blue shirts” for example, Google Shopping will provide a list of online stores that sell blue shirts so the user can go straight to the best option for them. This allows for quicker search results for the user and more exposure for the merchant.

How Google Ads Work

Just like running an ad on Facebook or Instagram, merchants can send their product feed or online shopping cart to Google Shopping to be used for more customer exposure. Google uses SEO and keywords to connect user searches with the perfect online store for their needs.

Google’s ad specialists work with merchants to tailor your ad for your specific goal. Retailers have the option to keep their ad local or expand to a national or global audience depending on if the business is based online or at a physical location. Ad specialists can help with writing a compelling mission statement or with choosing images for banner ads.

Merchants can also set a budget for their ad as well as see how many users will be reached based on their budget cap. Luckily, budget caps can be adjusted anytime so retailers have flexibility on audience reach. Once the campaign is set up, the ad goes live and appears on Google searches and their partner sites.

Optimizing your Shopping Ads

For merchants, running an online ad is an excellent way to increase traffic to their website and physical location. With over five billion searches run through Google every day, a Google ad campaign can be extremely beneficial for online retailers. There are many ways to optimize an ad campaign to get as much traffic as possible. Utilizing Google’s ad specialists and using different marketing techniques will help make your ad campaign more successful.


An easy way to optimize a Google ad and increase your website traffic is through keyword marketing. Using certain keywords can help your site gain more traffic based on data from your existing customers. Using tools like Google Analytics, Google Suggest or your customer FAQs, you can pick out commonly used keywords that customers use when searching for or using your site. Putting these keywords into your Google ad campaign can help drive your online store up on Google’s search results.

Choosing Imagery and Captions

One of the most important parts of a Google Ad campaign is choosing the right images. High quality, aesthetically pleasing images of your products and services will be eye-catching to users and they will be more likely to read your ad and visit your website. Along with images, well-written captions and product descriptions will also help bring users to your site.

If you’re a business owner that needs help increasing traffic to your business, Google’s shopping feature and ad campaign program can help increase your website traffic and bring more customers to your physical location. Using a few simple marketing tools, you can optimize your ad campaign to bring the most amount of traffic to your site as possible. Whether you want a local, national or global audience, Google can help optimize your marketing campaign and help your business grow.

Mike Patel
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