Why Magento 2 Is A Go-To Platform for E-commerce

10 Mar 2020
Mike Patel
Mike Patel
Why Magento 2 Is A Go-To Platform for E-commerce

Top Features That Make Magento 2 A Go-To Platform for E-commerce

Every entrepreneur and business owner gets into e-commerce to grow. With growth comes change, and with change, there are new needs that can’t be addressed or handled by your existing infrastructure. Scaling up means you need to scale up your processes and platform to keep your growing customer base happy and merchandise moving in the right direction.

The first choice for most e-commerce businesses has been Magento, and with the launch of Magento 2, there are many features and benefits that make growth and scaling up easier than ever. Let’s take a look at why everyone wants Magento, and explore the four most popular features that have made Magento 2 such a success.

What Makes Magento 2 Different

One of the primary reasons that Magento has been such a hit for e-commerce owners is the dual version business model: there is one package for enterprise customers and one for communities. You get the features and power you need at the price that fits your budget. Magento 2 also includes a complete toolkit to manage your marketing, catalog(s) and SEO requirements from a single dashboard.

Moreover, thanks to its integrated use of both HHVM and PHP7, your e-commerce environment becomes conveniently scalable without losing its user-friendly interface. Best of all, building your site with Magento 2 allows it to keep its simple charm while adding powerful functionality and improved visual appearance.

It’s not just about the business end of things either. Developers love Magento 2, and the majority choose to work with Magento over other e-commerce platforms for the same reasons. Check out the top four features developers and businesses love about Magento 2.

1. Peerless Efficiency

Running a business takes priority over pushing the envelope, and it’s the peerless efficiency of Magento 2 that has earned it the popularity it now enjoys.

Faster content loading, catalog and web pages opening is the name of the game when it comes to efficiency, and Magento 2 can load 2 million pages while processing 250,000 orders per hour. This offers owners extensive scalability and blistering speed, creating a seamless user experience that will satisfy even the most demanding customers with rapid access to content and processes.

2. Rapid Adaptability

Response to changing demands and volume will make or break an e-commerce operation. Owners need the ability to create and roll-out changes on short notice. Growing businesses are going to need Magento 2’s adaptability to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances and demands quickly. No matter what you need your e-commerce site to do, Magento 2 has you covered.

More importantly, most changes don’t require lengthy downtime or extensive coding. Get word to the administrator or hop on the console yourself, and you can implement virtually any change your site needs with a few mouse clicks and keystrokes.

3. Secure Checkout Processes and Procedures

Data breaches are still a very real threat in 2020, and e-commerce sites need to offer their customers ironclad data protection and security if they plan on earning repeat customers. To that end, Magento 2 offers secure guest checkout, and the new design has integrated anytime sales. That means anyone can order your products any time anywhere in the world.

The chief benefit to high security though is the addition of both one-click profile creation and conversion rates. You can ask for customer information for future orders and get them integrated into your marketing programs right away. Even after the sale, you can be prepping each new customer for repeat business quickly and easily, and they barely have to lift a finger to sign up.

4. High-Quality Video Integration

Tight advertising copy and visually appealing design or important elements of marketing a product on your website. In 2020, however, video is king. Product demonstration and unboxing videos have a proven reputation for increasing conversions and closing sales for e-commerce orders.

Magento 2 makes it a simple link to the third party video site of your choice (YouTube, WeVideo), and it adds your clip to product descriptions along with a title and short description. Best of all, if you want to add an introduction video that seamlessly integrates with your landing pages, all you need to do is drag and drop.

Is Magento 2 Right For You?

Business owners and e-commerce developers needing a convenient, comfortable platform for their site need look no farther than Magento 2. The upgraded UX, peerless efficiency, rapid adaptability, secure checkout process, and high-quality video integration all make it an easy choice.

Get the e-commerce platform that will grow with your business while helping you build a strong customer base. Magento 2 is going to deliver the results you need to make your business successful now and in the future. Click here for a time and cost analysis for Magento 1 to 2 Migration

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